Storage of My Pot for Winter Months til Next Season


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I boiled my mason jars, buds are cured to prevent mold. Immediatly placed into jars tops put in place, achieved good vacuum seal, is my stash safe to freeze for the long haul?
No need to freeze. You can damage it by freezing. What you have done, if done properly, will last for years
It's good "As Is" ........ if you put it into the freezer, your trichomes will freeze and break off. When you go to smoke a bud, all the good stuff will be laying in the bottom of the bottle.

Just put them in a closet or a drawer where it will be nice and dark and you should be fine for at least 6 months or better.
I have some weed that is a year old. Its been in my cigar box for near the entire time. Its very very potent still. However it is pretty dry now so the smoke is a slight bit harsh.
Use a tiny humidifier in the cigar box. You can find something at any cigar shop.
I personally plan on storing my weed in my lungs over the winter ..... LOL.
Cure and stash in a Mason Jar. Put the jar in a luch bag and stash it in the fridge so no-one will know what it is. It will last many times longer than if you just keep it in a bag or out at room temp. I had a jar for 2 yrs. Still put me down every time I got it out. It did get weaker toward the end due to the Trich's getting beat up. (( I had the jar for 2yrs because I had a 5 plant harvest over the course of 18 months )) Greedy I know but Happy tokin.
LOL .... how's that for a plan ..... LOL
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