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Tammy's Hemp Castle opened in the midst of the excitement of the Hespeler
Christmas Parade on Saturday, offering a variety of products made of hemp.

"People know I'm here now and that's the start of the battle," said Tammy
Sanders, owner of the 12 Queen St. E. shop.

The store sells a variety of hemp items, such as bags, wallets, hammocks,
hackey sack balls and clothing. Sanders said there's something for the
whole family including pants and T-shirts in several sizes.

"Hemp products have been legalized in Canada in the last two years and I
think I'm one of the first in the area to go with it," she said.

While there tends to be some confusion about hemp products (people who
confuse hemp with the drug culture), Sanders said she hasn't heard any
negative feedback or confusion yet.

Hemp is from the same plant species as marijuana, but doesn't have the
active ingredient, THC, that gives people a high when smoked. Hemp can be
used to make paper, textiles, paint, clothing, plastics, cosmetics, food,
insulation and animal feed. Hemp fibre is considered one of the strongest
and most versatile agricultural crops.

"My idea is to show people what hemp products really are," she said.

Hemp clothing, for example, last three times longer than cotton products
offering more durable, higher quality items, Sanders said. It also protects
against 95 per cent of UV rays and is environmentally friendly, she said.

To find out more about Tammy's Hemp Castle stop in, call 220-0577 or e-mail
tammyshempcastle- @rogers.com.

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