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Storing my harvest in jars!


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Hi Everyone.
I would like to store my harvest in jars, the jars I have are the same as the Kilner only a different make. the size of them are 4 1/4 pint ( I wanted large jars )

So my Question is .. I want to store them using " Boveda RH 2-way Humidity Control packs " , as you may or may not know there are so many different sizes, humidity levels,

1. What would be the best humidity level to buy for storage in the above size jars ? .

2. How long do these packs last for in a glass storage jar of my size ?

3. how will I know the packs are no longer working ?

Any other information that you might be able to offer regarding the above will be most welcome!. as my harvest will be waiting on your replies before I can store them, so I know what to buy.

Many thanks in advance to everyone for your help and advice.


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Cvault uses 62 percent 2 way packs. So I would think that is what you would want to use. When they are fresh, they will feel like liquid inside and harden as they get old. Replace them when they feel solid or close to it.

Also, I have been told to NEVER let the packs touch the buds, as it can create a layer of air between the bud and pack and could create mold. Keep the packs at the top of the jar against the lid, or build a shelf on the bottom and place them under it.

Good luck!!
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