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Story Time


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Take us on a trip by recalling a memorable 420 time.

I'll start.

There was going to be an total eclipse of the full moon around midnight. The weather was perfect so we had a few friends over for the occasion. We went up on the flat part of the roof, put the music on quietly and settled in, passed the bong and sampled some dynamite herb. The eclipse was right on time lol and we just flipped out of course with the beauty and wonder of it all. It was like a deep, dark red color. After the guests left my daughter and I crawled into our sleeping bags and slept on the roof. In the morning we awoke to dozens of little chirpy birds living in the tree tops, just inches away from our heads. They didn't know we were there so they just hopped all around and carried on so happily. They were very small, bright yellow-green and very happy. I had never seen them on the ground.
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