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Strain I.D.?


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I just grabbed a 1/4 and happened to pull roughly 30 large, dark seeds. The bud is very strong with a dark, dark green, fading to light, pastel greens, with pumpkin orange, furry hairs. The flavor is very earthy when smoked and the smell is very earthy and pungent also. I was wondering if anyone had any idea/experience with a similar bud or if anyone could possibly identify them.

I also have 5 seeds from a dense bud that smelled of straight orange rind. The bud was dry and came in a large quantity(hp) so i doubt the use of orange peels in curing or containing. Any thoughts?

Every comment is appreciated. Thanks guys.


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There is virtually no way to identify a strain on sight, smell, or taste. Different methods of growing, drying, and curing as well as varying phenotypes will make buds of the exact same strain turn out different than one another if grown by two seperate people. With so many variables it is immpossible to say with 100% certainty what an unknown strain might be. The best you can hope for is identifying whether it is Sativa or Indica dominant, which in my opinion is more important then silly names anyway.

If it taste strongly of oranges and is very dry then someone probably tried to revive old buds with the orange rind trick, so it sounds like your on the right track there.

Short stature, broad fan leaves- Indica dom.
Tall stature, long skinny fan leaves- Sativa dom.
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