Strange marks on leaves - Possible stunted growth


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Medium: Happy Frog Soil
Light: 400 Watt MH
Temperature: 75-81
Humidity: 50-66
No Nutrients yet, will start in week 4

I am in week 2, my 4 gorilla glue autoflowers have been doing well except for some odd marks on the leaves
in this one, I noticed the yellow marks shortly after it got it's first leaves, I also think it is slightly stunted being that it sprouted first and isn't as developed as the other one *Posted below this image*

I thought it may be an insect/ spider mite problem but after looking under the leaves I still can't say one way or the other if that is it

This one looks much better, but has recently developed a single mark on one of it's leaves, but is still rapidly growing

Any ideas? Is it overwatering? A deficiency? Maybe bugs that I missed?


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It looks like to me when a seedling does not get hardened well and a fast RH drop makes the leave lace. I only see it on the old leaves.

I have seen it when taking out of a dome or someplace with high RH and then moving them to a low RH place.

If that is what it is, it should be fine and looks to be already recovering.

It will slow them down and those leaves will not recover.

But at this point it is the new leaves that really matter and they look like they are going to be fine.
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