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Okay I wanted to at least try to see if I could grow my own stash....I put the seeds in some dirt and they were watered. someone said I should of germaniated them first, so I went to take them out to do that and I found that the seeds were split in 2, what the hell just happened?


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your seeds are sprouting. You can make your seeds sprout several ways...

1. Soak seed in a cup of water til they crack.

2. Plant them in the soil and keep soil very moist

3. Place the seeds in between two wet paper towels and place in a dry, warm place. Be sure to check often to keep the p. towels moist.

hope this helps


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the plant has peeked through the soil. WOOOHOOOOO..... Okay, how moist/ dry should the soil be?? Should I water it every other day. or everyday, Help me out people lol......


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"I put the seeds in some dirt and they were watered"

thats how i do it! its teh cool way :D

give lots of good light.
let the dirt dry between waterings but not to the point that the plant is wilting. i wait 3 days before even thinking of watering then i start checking
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