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Strapped420: Headie Seed - Outdoor - 2nd Time!


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Hey, So gonna make this short and simple.... I had 10 seedlings,,,and JUST Potted 4... They were spotted by a farmer, if you look at my last grow journal, you will see how my grow spot is. So i moved them, And next day, All my hard work, drilling holes, mixing Soil, A good chunk of change gone to waste.... So i counted it as a loss.... So next week, I get the remaining seedlings, And do the same old shit.. Went to home depot, Since my bins were stolen, i had one left, (Recycling bin size, Found behind Gas station,) I decided i'd try some actual POTS. And buy my stuff from HD. So 4 of my seedling's are growing. 3 in the largest black plastic pots they have at home depot, 1 in a "bin".... I will post pic's when i can, keep you guy's updated, I really enjoyed it back in 2012. Had a very great harvest of White Rhino, So i am going to do some different things this time around though.

SOIL: Vigoro Organic Garden Soil,60% Scott topsoil 25% 15% Perilite
Pots: Standard, Largest flower pot from home depot.+ A Shipping crate.
Nutes: Same as last grow, MG All purpose 24-8-16 Veg not sure which for flowering, I know it is pink.
Bug Control: Seven7 Powder, Need more, If it rains.. It dissapears. Bugs are bad.
Water: I water them a good amount, this heat in the northeast, is brutal.

I NEED TO KNOW IF THERE ARE MALES OR NOT!!! Please help. Also, Trimming and topping any other tips Is GREATLY APPRECIATED!
ALSO:Stems are Very stretched, BUT strong, I started them late..


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Re: strapped420: Headie seed, Outdoor, 2nd time!

How old are they? I didn't see anything indicative of sex in those pics..


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Re: strapped420: Headie seed, Outdoor, 2nd time!

Like.....A month and a half??? maybe 2??/ I left them in smalll small small pots for awhile until i could get situated, But once i moved them they blossomed. My last and first grow were clones. Straight up best way wish i had a person this time :'(


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very sad to hear of your loss :(

David Bowman

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

We are sorry for your loss.

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