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Strawberry Cough

Sir Budlovski

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Hello there fellow 420ers :)
Sir bud here with my 3rd strain review, lets get started shall we.

Strain Name - Strawberry Cough

From - Dutch Passion

When - well I gave SC a 11.5 week vege due to some issues and even then I cut the vege shorter then I would of liked, her flowering took about 11 weeks which I could of probably chopped abit earlier but with sativa dominants I like to flower a little longer to get some more amber in to help with insomnia issues.

Price - not sure, bought a 3 pack of seeds online.

Type - a feminized hybrid with a 70/30 sativa/indica.

Appearance - Strawberry cough during her vege Has a very interesting growth quite bushy and indica looking but abit of stretch and thinner leaves like a sativa. During flower she took on abit more of a sativa look with stretching out and even the way her bud appeared was very sativa looking, also got very leafy which I'm not sure if higher N levels caused it or it was my LED I was using either way she still looked tasty to me, since the leaves and bud were covered in trichomes and once you touched her your fingers were covered in sticky oils :)

Smell - The smell was one of the best parts of growing this strain no matter when aswell, vege, flower, harvest, dry and cure she smelled awesome at all stages. During vege was a more chronic/typical weed type of smel with a hint of tropical fruits, during flowershe started to lose the weed smell due to strong citrus notes coming through which was almost mouth watering having both normal fruit smells mixed with citrus fruits, was just lovely.during her dry her smelled dulled down a little but once disturrbed it would come wwafting out once again, now after a month or so of cure is when as usual the best smells came, it actually came very close to being a distinct strawberry smell I guess a good way to some it up is a strawberry and orange mixed smell, some fellow grow mates of mine had a whiff and I think they almost lost the urge to smoke it and would of preferred to smell it all day if they could haha, that's something I didn't mention but if any of you have had those vit C lolly things well that comes pretty close to the smell of this lovely strain :)

Taste -Well for taste its hard to some up, each time smoked seemed to taste different and I think a good vaporizer would really help you get the full on great taste but don't get me wrong it stil tasted lovely in my joints and the few bong rips I had. The Strawberry taaste is there but sometimes can be hard to notice but in the after taste after smoking a bowl you definately get a fruity after taste, you seem to get abit of mixed all flavours on the inhale and on the exhale you get a lot more nice citrus notes. All in all the taastes include citrus, fruits, slight chronic hints, very tangy and fresh tastes :)

Type of Buzz - Ahh the part I love the most the effects :). Well I was drawn to this strain originally due to it saying its breed for anti-anxiety properties. I have ended up with on and off anxiety issues and a lot off strains I've had and especially the mostly bagseed buds you get over. Here really set my anxious mind loopy. Fortunately for me I could once again at long last enjoy a smoke with mates and even have a smoke and sit at home relaxing or even go for a walk down the street cause it just makes you feel good about yourself :)
It has a lot to it the high of this plant and its one of things I like most, your dazed and floaty but in a very nice way so your energetic (not over the top) and uplifted :)

Length of buzz- The length of buzz varied abit if you have say a joint or 2 you'll feel nice and uplifted for an hour or 2 but get smoking and that feeling keeps coming but if you stop, you'll start getting a sleepy eyed feeling at around the 2hour mark or so.

Best Medicinal Use - I believe this strain has a lot of medicinal benefits to it but I don't have to many issues so its hard to tell. I gathered that its good for anti-anxiety, focus, stress, appetite and energy. As for pain issues well its strange, sometimes it gets rid of it completely other times you can be inbetween feeling the pain and not.

Overall -well overall I rate this strain very highly when it comes down to all aspects, good tough growing strain, takes a beating and bounces right back which makes it great for training, I myself can't wait to do a second grow of this strain with a scrog or more complex training/fluxing. She's another strain that with cooler temps in flower will get a lovely purple/blue colour to the leaves, calyxes are real fat when ripe and it also has some really green colours to the growth. I'm definately going to grow this strain again but next time watching ph, N and going to use a HPS for flowering and see what happens.I'm always going to keep a few seeds of this strain close by and in the future there will always be one in my tent for daytime smoke :)
Her yeild wasn't to bad for a sketchy grow, wet weight was abit over 200grams and dried out to close or on 100 vs, however I think under the HPS or proper LEDs you could pump some real nice yields from this stain :)
I really do reccomend, especially if your an anxiety sufferer but still want to enjoy the herb, I'd also reccomend this strain for oils and other products due to high resin and oil contents.
Before I forget, she's not mould resistant, since she did end up with a patch of mould low down just before I harvested, easily noticeable though :)

I hope you all now have a fair idea on this strain and can help with decisions if you've looked at this strain before.
Ill upload a few pics of the last cured bud i smoked soon but for now here's some pics of her growth and yeild etc. :)

Think I spammed myself with photos hahahaha


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try a five or more gallon smart pot next time. i bought five in a pack, off amazon. next to my four gallon regulars, id say i got a 30% increase in size, and yield. nice grow u got there. enjoy!

Dopey Bob

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I agree with a lot of your comments. It is a good plant to train and very resilient too. The high is quite unique.
One of my all time favourites.


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I grew this years back and i miss its unique taste...not the greatest yielder but so tasty. Nice looking sticky buds u got man :thumb:


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this strain is out everywhere i've checked. does anyone know if anyplace has it?
You can buy it off msnl seeds don't actually buy it buy some other seeds u like and u get 5 free strawberry cough seeds with each thing u buy there i have bought 30 seeds of then and 28 germinated so all good
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