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Strawberry malawi?! Good outdoor sativa strains for rain and cold areas?!


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Ok, I live on the Oregon Coast and a batch of Stawberry Malawi clones has hit the collectives. I want to get anyones opinion on growing this strain. The leaves look super skinny like a PURE tropical sativa would seem. In Oregon we have to look out for mold constantly so we grow strains like Texada Timewarp and the Church outdoors as well as kush strains seem to do well outdoors here, especially Bubba. My point is, I want to get some mothers of some good pure Sativas to get established so I can take clones come spring. Has anyone smoked any Malawi? Old time smokers always talk about the Malawi Gold and I want to try this strain. Last year I grew some Durbans Poison and it was so so. Had a real peppery sativa taste to it with a lot of resin but was very harsh. I want to grow some really good Sativas outdoors this spring like Super SIlver Haze, or maybe some Chocolope. Something that will withstand the outdoor bugs and humidity. I ordered up some seeds of the "Church" and hope I get a good mother to work with. :MoreNutes: :thumb: :tokin:
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