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stretching? heat damage?


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hey guys, noob here. hope u can help me out. i'm usin' 4 5k cfl's and was wondering if the growth on these plants is normal? if u can't tell from the pictures the leaves stretch vertically and form a cup shape. stretching? too much heat? any answers would greatly be appreciated. leaves are totally healthy looking no yellowing. thanks in advance.




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do you have pictures of the lights? I'm not sure how warm they get.. CFLS are suppose to be kept close to the plant and they dont get real warm anyway right? Just make sure you can put your hand over your plant in the light and it shouldn't be to warm. Fan? How far away are the lights, how many lumens? It looks to be streching a little bit for one, but I dont think that would cause the leaves to do that. Hopefully someone with some knowledge about this stuff can help ya :p


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it looks kinda like a young seedling that is wanting more light maybe?

is your cfls like 4 inches away? i dont see how it could be heat damage unless they are closer than that.... shouldnt be nutritonal problem that young either..


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its not a heat problem unless your growroom is over 80+ degrees....its not the cfls as you can place them right above your plants and they do not get hot at all

EDIT: if the leaves do no start to spread apart then it could become a problem...make sure you keep an eye out on them for a couple more days and check back with us...or better yet PM a grow mod...madamecrash, akorn..

Jim Finnel

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i have a bad habit of stretching my plants. i've found that putting a fan on them causes them to fatten up their stalks. i'm using cfl's and you should put them as close as you can. touch the bulb, no burn, just a little warm. just don't put them so close that they grow into it. i've done that twice when they spurted in a few hours. i'm new to this, but cfl's have been good to me so far.
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