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Stripping Gallery Data From Your Post

Old Salt

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OK, you've successfully uploaded your images to the Gallery, and you are using them in your post. You get unwanted information from the Gallery when you hit 'Preview' like this:

To remove the unwanted information you need to grab the address of your image. This is done by right-clicking on the image in the preview, and getting its address:

Go back to the editor window and remove the line [GALLERY=media, 1499968][/GALLERY]
Select the 'Insert Image' icon, right-click the address box, and then 'Paste.'

And you're done! But wait, you can also add your own caption, and center it. Simply type your caption under the image, highlight both the image and your caption, then Select 'Alignment' and 'Align Center.'

Centered Image and Caption - Without Gallery Information​
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