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Hello [emoji846] , what is the strongest (potency) strain you've come across/smoked/grown? Not what you've read about being the strongest, but what you have encountered. The pic is mine but is just to grab attention [emoji172]✌️[emoji271]

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i like to smoke my cannabis..i smoke one bowl of this kind then one bowl of a different kind. if if isnt strong enough i just smoke more.haha .Some weed these days is almost too strong. its too harsh.not enough plant material it seems like sometimes? i like very smooth (goodcure) smoke.i also smoke cigs, so ..the strongest though i ever smoked was a sativa dominant hybrid i grew from bag seed.i would say one hit wood keep you stoned for an hour. so you never now.i dont use bag seeds anymore of course.


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I dont know the percentage it was but the strongest I have ever smoked was skunk. Thats all I know. I dont know if it was number 1,2,3 just that it was skunk and it was grown in Pa. It was very smooth smoke but it felt heavy and thick when you inhaled. The high started very spacey with hints of visual tracers and it left you with a crippling couchlock for the better part of the day

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Unknown Strain From Seed - First Time Grow


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I like my Kush strains, critical Kush and vanilla Kush, Afghan Kush. I use Barney's currently but am seed hunting for better genetics. I also like cotton candy from delicious seeds. All of there strain look great they have black Russian, northern blue lights. Northern blue lights is a cut of blueberry from DJ short so that HAS to have great Genetics. I have ordered some of the delicious seeds line coming soon to a journal near you

my new dwc Afghan Kush run and flowering mothers


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Years ago my buddy gave me some of his weed, unknown strain but after smoking it my grandmother asked me 3 times if I was alright lol best smoke I ever had an I've smoked a lot of good strains :)

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We got a lucky WW mother,in 30 yrs I never seen the like,yes it very potent anyway but this dangerous herb,the WW x CRITICAL is a contender.
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