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Student Suspended For Opinion On Pot


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Kieran King says he has never smoked pot, but his views on marijuana have led to his suspension from Wawota Parkland School.

King said he was threatened with police action by principal Susan Wilson after telling friends at the school that marijuana was less harmful than alcohol.

"In my opinion, cannabis is safer than they say, it is not worse than alcohol or tobacco," said King, a 15-year-old Grade 10 student. Wilson accused King of using and selling marijuana at school, according to a media release issued by the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party. King has offered to submit to a voluntary drug test to prove otherwise.

"I've never smoked marijuana. I've never even seen it," said King, an honours student.

He said he had done independent research on marijuana use out of personal curiosity and decided to share the information.

Feeling his right to freedom of speech had been violated by Wilson, he organized a walkout to begin at 11:05 a.m. on Tuesday.

Instead, he said the school was locked down in anticipation of the attempted walkout. King and his brother Lucas were given three-day-suspensions for disobeying the lockdown.

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Jim Finnel

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school should be about opening minds and creating curiosity. but what we have for the most part is indoctrination and the creating of consumerbots.

lets remember that these are kids and shouldn't be smoking until they are mature enough to make the correct life choices. this site doesn't condone minors using marijuana.

Keith Lake

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So he wasn't suspended for his opinion, but for organizing a walk-out. I guess I can see that this isn't productive from the screw-all's standpoint.

I do think he might have a reasonable shot at a slander case if there is evidence that Wilson actually did acuse him of dealing/using.


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well uhhhhhhh alcohol is more harmful if you ask me, plus hangovers...dizzyness/puking if you get there, expensive, and it makes drunken drivers.

damn the distored views :( sucks guys


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yup, the other day my friend who is still in highschool, passed a teacher ON THE WAY to school, miles out, not in the school zone, and she got "written up" for it at school. Now I'm not saying that she didnt hawl ass past her or whatever (Shes not a bad driver anyway) but I am saying its bullshit for 1. to just take a teachers words 2: it wasn't at, or near school? Uh..wtf? I almost went down to the school, cause i love to stand up for whats fair but I didnt. lucky for them, ha, Ill get that whole fuckin place shut down if I want ;)
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