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Students Say Teacher Let Them Smoke Marijuana


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A former Knox Middle School teacher was found guilty in district court Tuesday of allowing students to possess and smoke marijuana on the school's campus.

Chief District Court Judge Charlie Brown found Eileen Monroe, 36, of Denver, guilty on two charges of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

Monroe was given a suspended probationary sentence of 18 months for both charges.

Several students spoke on the witness stand.

One student, Cenquarius Lawing, now at Salisbury High, said she witnessed two boys, Yander Duenaz and Chester Robinson, come into Monroe's classroom reeking of marijuana and in a "goofy" mood.

According to Lawing, Monroe asked the boys, "Did y'all smoke that, already?"

Monroe's attorney, Darrin Jordan, asked Lawing if she knew what they were referring to.

Lawing said she didn't until talk of marijuana came up.

Robinson said he obtained the marijuana from another student earlier in the day and told Duenaz he had it.

The two asked Monroe for the keys to her car to retrieve a CD that was left there by Duenaz. They said they rolled the marijuana inside the teacher's car, then smoked it in nearby woods.

Robinson initially said Monroe was aware of the marijuana and he asked her for rolling papers before they went to her car. Later, he said Duenaz just asked her for rolling papers.

Robinson admitted that Monroe was on a friendly basis with the students and, "Let us do anything."

Upon elaboration, he vaguely explained that "anything" meant students were allowed to go outside although they weren't supposed to.

In his testimony, Duenaz said Monroe supplied them with rolling papers.

Robinson and Duenaz, both 15, are now also students at Salisbury High also.

Miranda Lewis, another student in the classroom that day, said Monroe appeared nervous to her. Lewis, too, is now a Salisbury High student.

She said Monroe told the boys she could get fired.

After the incident, Principal Susan Heaggans and then school Resource Officer Kareem Puranda were involved and talked at length with Monroe.

Heaggans said she saw Monroe that day, but Monroe never mentioned the incident.

According to Heaggans, Monroe said she didn't know the students smoked the marijuana until after they returned to her classroom. Monroe also told Heaggans that she gave one of the students drops for his red eyes.

Puranda testified that Monroe admitted giving the students her car keys.

He said Monroe asked Duenaz if he "really smoked that stuff?"

In her testimony, Monroe said Duenaz asked her to get them rolling papers, which she did, but, "He didn't say what he was using them for."

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Suneson asked Monroe what she thought Duenaz was going to do with the rolling papers.

Monroe said she thought he was going to smoke marijuana with them at home.

She said on the witness stand that she took "the blame for what I did."

Before sentencing Monroe, Judge Brown told her that as a teacher, she was entrusted to supervise and instruct the students. He added that her behavior was a breech of that trust and a crime.

Monroe has no prior convictions and received 45 days in the N.C. Department of Correction, which was suspended to 18 months supervised.

Monroe must complete 48 hours of community service, pay a fine, obtain a substance abuse assessment within the next 14 days, submit to random drug screening and searches.

Monroe is also not to teach in North Carolina during the terms of her probation.

She is not to have contact with faculty or staff from Knox Middle, Officer Puranda or the students who testified in the case.

Monroe, who had been at Knox since October 2001, resigned March 30, a day after the incident.

When asked for comments by a Post reporter, Monroe indicated through a hand gesture that she didn't want to talk.

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I wish my teachers were that fucking cool.. Haha... Our art teacher takes 4/20 off every year! haha. He's pretty cool.

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I remember a teacher I had way back (different state) "Mr. G.",another dreded out rasta mun, whooooo, that man could blow some tree, not at school, but he lived down the street from a homie so we'd go there. The best years of high school.
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