Studio weed?


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Okay so I finally picked up my Half O, but my connect was talking how a co-worker has this really good shit that all the rappers ask for and they call it studio weed, and someone smoked it but it made him loose his hearing for a couple of hours, I wanna try it, but I don't wanna go deaf to lol My half O is smelling pretty nice though :bong: :cheesygrinsmiley:
Re: studio weed????

i'd smoke it, i would look at it though.
Re: studio weed????

Just do like I do. Whenever you find a new hook, no matter how skeptical always buy a small amount as a tester :cheesygrinsmiley: If it ends up looking good, smokes good, and knocks u on ur ass then huzzah!
Re: studio weed????

most rappers just smoke middies.
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