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Stunted and abnormal growth


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I often wonder why beginners are attracted to autos. It seems totally backwards. With a photo I can screw up a thousand different ways, and as long as I don’t completely kill it, which is very very difficult (ask me how I know), all I have to do is keep on trying and eventually it will get bigger.
I can clone it into as many plants as I want, speed growth up, slow it down, chop and mangle and torture it, breed it with other plants or self pollinate it, grow it big, grow it small, in a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse..,
My best bud still comes from one particular Pineapple Chunk pheno. I planted that seed five years ago. It cost me about ten dollars.

Anyway... I guess this doesn’t help the OP now. Stick around OP, we will get things sorted out.


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Thanks guys, I will give that a try and see what happens. If anyone has other ideas, glad to hear them.

What makes me scratch my head is that I've grown this combination soil/feeding schedule with autos a few times already, and never had a problem. It's almost like I have 5 strains that each show signs of distress right after sprouting (around day 3-5) although I'm not feeding them anything other than the pHd water and very low dosage rooting enzymes (Cannazym). I went through two germination rounds in the past 4 weeks with 5 different strains and they are all struggling. Makes me think there's something else involved besides nutrients...

@Weaselcracker If this round just doesn't want to work out because the autos have the clock ticking and can't catch up any more, I may just start over again and grow normal feminized photos in coco like I did about 3 years ago.



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I often wonder why beginners are attracted to autos. I

mostly marketing. get sold on the idea it's actually easier to get something out of them, as they "flower no matter what".
well, partly correct, they just might not produce, but they will flower lol :p

Oh you’re not feeding them. Hmmm. This is an odd situation. Don’t really have any more straws to grasp.

got me there too. best guess then is something has changed in the formulation of the soil, or the amendments, if any.


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Hey that was my best guess too. Something different about that batch of soil. You could also try skipping the cannazyme since it’s not really necessary. Not really much else to work with.

Viruses from what I’ve seen generally result in a sort of mottled variegated look with yellow patches or streaks. They’re not a common cause of problems and I don’t think would be to blame here - but no one would be able to say that for certain.


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dont grow a lot of autos either but I‘ve seen my share of stunted ones. easy to stunt, plant will stay alive but yields will suffer.

Not saying that’s what you’ve got... but time will tell obviously referring to the the Jack, NL or haze but the twin unicorn plant is off and running

I will still say either you are overwatering the soil or underwatering the coco and yes I realize - that’s as fucked up as a can of worms


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So I'm growing two of the stains you have amesia haze and northern lights auto
I had the same issues with both. After doing my research and experimenting I found it to be the lighting. Seedling dont need as much daily light intervals Dli) as older plants do. If you are using leds the math to determine how much light intensity is different from traditional lights. Also to much water in substrate can . so for the leaf deformity I reduced theight intensity by dimming the lights to about 20 percent for about a week then slowly progressed the light intensity up. Until the plants show signs of light stress with leaf edges curling or tacoing or turning upside down. For the slow growth i first set a fan a few inches from the pot and dried it out for a day or two then watered with proper ph water and plant started growing. As you can see in the first pic the two in the middle are stunted. The one in the pink pot is about 5 weeks old, the other is an amnesia haze That is stunted. the second pic you can see the deformed lower leaves.
The third pic is of the plants with deformed leaves a week later. They are still deformed at that point but growing well and getting less light intensity. The last pic is of the two stunted plants. A week after the ph adjustment for the photo and drying out the pot for the auto and they have started growin again and doubled its size I. About a week. Hope this helps.


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I did just have a look and indeed I have the CT Professional Plus soil. It says it has a buffered run-off. According to the soil/feed instructions, I should target between 5.8 and 6.2, which is also what I had with previous grows. I am currently closer to 6.2 than 5.8, but the run-off I'm getting is consistently at 6.1 - 6.2.

Could this be some sort of mould or other problem like that since the stunting tends to begin before I even re-pot the plant? It seems strange to me that all 5 strains are stunted if it should be genetics?

But thanks for your support -- we'll figure this out!
Looking at the web page it appears that the Professional and the Professional Plus are both Peat Moss. The Pro has decomposed peat in it with some Perlite and the Plus has some sort of bark but the web page does not mention any Perlite.

Probably intended for greenhouse Professionals who will stick one or more plants into a pot, allowing them to grow some basic root system. As the days get longer and warmer the plant(s) start to flower and the pots are sent to the retailer who sells it for homeowners who want a bit of color by having a hanging pot or a container that will sit on the corner of the porch. Canna adds enough nutrients to keep the flowering plant going for the growing season and when fall comes most of the customers just toss the whole thing.

Unless a scrounger like me sees it on the curb and grabs it. Then I either toss the plant and keep the container or work up a mix with the peat and some of the soil mix that I use and put the plants back into the container and store them till spring.

It is not coco or a hydro mix nor is it a soil mix. Kind of a hybrid

If I read the earlier msgs right you have used the Canna line of nutrients and had success so continue using them.


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Looks like TMV to me. Since its a virus and can spread with mechanical contact well thats how the plants get sick.

Wash your hands specially after smoking ciggs.

I could be wrong ..... but it sure does look like it to me. It can come from a seed too and why I soak my seeds in a 10:1 mix of water: peroxide to germinate.

I got one now that I just tossed. Looked exactly like that and at $20/seed I'm going with not very happy.


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Thanks for all your ideas and feedback. A few of the autos look like they're recovering, but as already said in this thread, the clock is ticking. Let's see how much I get out of these ladies.

I've only had one feeding in the last three days at 50% recommended strength from Canna. pH was at 5.8, run-off was around 6.0.

Lights are LED at a good distance.

The Jack is coming along nicely.

The roots of the Jack also looked good when I re-potted today.

Even the stunted AK is growing on the tips nicely.

The NL is struggling with curled leaves, but still growing slowly

The other seedlings (3 weeks) are recovering somewhat also.



I'll keep you posted on the progress.

I've decided to start a new grow as well, from normal feminized seeds in coco. Maybe I'll have time to post a grow log here.

Thanks again for the help.


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So these guys are coming along OK, although they're still smaller than I would have expected. I'm feeling like I'm just not having the best of luck with the soil mix hybrid, so I've already started new seeds which I'm going to grow in coco only.

I'll be adding a grow journal for the new seeds and appreciate any advice on the progress.

I'll post some pics of these guys tomorrow again.


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OK, so almost all the girls have recovered except the initial NL Auto. The leaves on the NL curled up and had spots on it so I pitched the plant -- there was no way it was going to bring much.

The Royal Jack and AK Autos are flowering, although the plants are still a bit on the small side. I also trained them a bit so that the light would get into the lower nodes.


The other four younger plants are developing OK as well and showing a good deal of green growth in the centre. I think they'll start to stretch pretty soon.


I'll keep you posted on the progress!


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Another quick update for you: the girls seem to be doing fine and have all entered flowering. Even if all of them have turne out smaller than in the past, I'm glad to see that they're recovering! In the pics below you can see the four younger plants in the foreground (5 weeks old now), and the 7 week olds in the background. The 5 week ladies all have very active pistil growth and the older ones are fattening up their colas and buds.



I'll keep you posted on progress!

Thanks everyone.
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