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Stunted growth!


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We have a grow journal link below with pics of the plant problem. Thought we would post here as well, we're not getting any response from the other forum.

These New Your City Diesel are 30 days into veg. We use an Ebb and Flo system and flood every 4 hours. We slowly raised the nutes and have been around 1325 or so for about 3 weeks. PH is fluctuating from around 5.6 to 6. Water temp is around 70*. Humidity is around 40. Co2 is around 1000. Temp is 80*. The lights are about 3 feet from the stunted plant and about one and a half feet from the rest of the plants (that started to get yellow leaves about a week or two into veg, but the new growth seems to be better now). We change the rez every 2 weeks as well. This time we started the clones in rapid rooters and then put them in the larger rock wool cubes to get more established before we put them in the hydroton, first time we used rock wool, we only used the rapid rooters in the previous runs. Any help or input would be great. Can't seem to pin the problem down researching!
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Your written stats all sound fine. Some pics would be useful.

You cannot post links to other forums on here, which is why your's was removed. I'd recommend bringing your Grow Journal here as well, and/or uploading some pics on the Member Galleries, then linking it here for us to see.

You have to upload any pics you want to post on the 420mag server, it's safer this way anyhow.
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