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Hey fellow ppl, I’m a newbie grower so don’t @ me,
I’ve had this little one for about a month and a half now.. I cut its lower leafs as they were turning and I wanted all the strength to be focusing on the top of the plant. I’m not too worried about this one but it just looks healthy and alive enough that it gives me hope that I could still revive this baby. Any tips would help thanks guys. Btw I have mine outdoors except for when it is too hot or windy


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It would be easier with a picture, so we could see if there is a problem or not :)
And a little more info on age, strain
Only sun as light?
I would say, she is fine. You say she looks healthy :)


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Yeah...what is the issue you want help with? Upload pictures for real advice otherwise we have to rely that you clearly know how to describe your problem and are not looking only at the symptoms and instead are describing the cause.
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