Stupidface Grows Again - Featuring Mephisto Illuminautos, LEDs & Promix

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Hello and thanks for stopping by. I recently completed my first grow with this setup and thanks to some awesome people on this forum it was a smashing success. Yielded around 17 ounces from two Crop King White Widow autos. I dont imagine i will be getting anything like that on this grow but my focus this time is to repeat what worked last time, and fix the mistakes i made. Hopefully in the end i will have beautiful healthy green plants covered in frost. If they yield a lot that is just a bonus. I'm going to break this post up into two categories. First will be what is the same as last grow so people who followed along on the previous one can probably skip this part. After I'll talk about what is going to be different.

Ok, so here's what is staying the same:

Tent: 2x4x5 by IDAODAN. Almost wore out the zipper checking my plants so often last grow, but otherwise happy with it.

Soil: Promix Organic Moisture formula. Last grow i was convinced at times this soil was getting too acidic but the results were amazing and i had another bag of it, so lets use it again. Added a bit more perlite to this mix this time. Maybe 20-25%.

Pots: 5gal plastic pots with holes drilled for LST. Smart pots or air pots might be better, but I'm sticking with what worked.

Lights: I have two 600W LEDs, one by viparspectra and one by meizhi. Each pulls around 275W at the wall. Vipar is the brighter light but seems to have more blue and less red then the meizhi. However the bud from the plant under the vipar was higher quality. Will be watching on this grow to see if that happens again.

Climate control: Oil filled electric heater, humidifier, de-humidifier, 3 fans, 440 CFM exhaust fan, passive intake vent.

Nutes: Fox Farm trio, calmag, Great White, ph up and down, Flawless Finish.

Pest control: Sticky traps, Safers soap and neem oil. Had some gnats last grow and will probably see them again. They are manageable and i have new trick up my sleeve for them that i will mention in the next section.

What is new this time:

Seeds: Both from Mephisto's Illuminauto lineup. These are their new crosses that havnt been fully tested. Means a lower price per seed. I went with Creme Bubbly and Gold Glue. You can click on either strain name to go to the website if you are curious about the genetics.

Nutes: Added Silica Blast to the mix. Didnt have any issue with weak stalks last grow, but it cant hurt.

Pest control: Will be adding nematodes to the soil that should kill any gnat larvae. Hoping it works because the sticky traps were the most annoying part of the last run. I like the idea of releasing my own bugs to kill the bad bugs.

Ph and PPM: I have a better ph pen now and will be watching things more closely than i did last grow. Will aim for 6.5 in veg and 6.8 in flower. Going to stick to the Fox Farm chart this time at 1/2 strength. Tried to free-ball it for a bit last time and combined with ph issues i almost killed my plants.

Environment: Going to keep temp in the tent around 80F while seedlings. Humidity capping out at 30% with the humidifier running. Not much i can do in the middle of winter.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff but that will do for now. Seeds are in paper towel right now. Update and pics when they have tails. If you read all of this you are awesome.


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re: Stupidface Grows Again - Featuring Mephisto Illuminautos, LEDs & Promix

Looking forward to you next grow. I just pulled up a chair and will be watching as you get the grow started. I need to make some space today for my new tent and get my next grow fired up.
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Niiiiiiice! Welcome everyone. I convinced myself that no one was going to care about the second grow but to just make the journal for myself. It's nice to be wrong all the time when you are a pessimist.

Creme Bubbly has popped out a root and will be ready for soil tonight before bed. Still nothing showing on the Gold Glue. If no change tonight i will drop another seed. Paying to keep my spare room at 24C in winter so I'm hoping this one gets it shit together. Warm, humid weather coming for next two days which is good timing. Humidity in tent this morning with humidifier off was 12%. Not great. Humidifier back on to get it ready for planting.

If anyone can help, Scrumpdilly is having some sort of deficiency/leaf spots in his journal that I am not smart enough to help with.


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Niiiiiiice! Welcome everyone. I convinced myself that no one was going to care about the second grow but to just make the journal for myself. It's nice to be wrong all the time when you are a pessimist.
Maybe after you smoke enough of your own killer bud you'll be able to relax enough to pull your head outta your ass ;P

Of course we all wanna be here!

Stoked to see what you do this round bud [emoji109] let's see you rock it again[emoji482] [emoji100] [emoji100] [emoji108]
Dude you have some good stuff to offer people here. There's lots of people that have the "been there, done that" attitude. However, there are lots of people coming in all the time looking at your grows whether you see them or not. Just like we all do scrolling through others journals to get better ideas and sharing them.

Like strange said. Next grow up!
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The creme bubbly seed has been planted in soil. Should pop its head out in a day or two. Still no action with the gold glue. Soaked another seed and now i have two gold glue in paper towel. Whichever opens first gets a home.

Troy has a new grow journal with some interesting strains if anyone wants to check it out. Alien vs Triangle is supposed to be pretty potent.


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Re: Stupidface Grows Again - Featuring Mephisto Illuminautos, LEDs & Promix

Im with ya that the viparspectras give better quality.. all the other cheapo led lights have twice as much red but my 300w viparspectras do great flowering out smaller autos. They are cheap and great veg lights imo. Great to hear another has had similar results with em. I flowered out my first plants under the 300w viparspectra and a 300w mars hydro. The buds under the vipar were dense potent nugs while the buds under the mars were more light and airy and were not as potent.
Second Gold Glue seed is now growing a tail. First seed officially a dud. Guess that's why you get extras. Hoping to have it in the soil before bed.

I dont think Gnomeudidnt ever linked his new grow in the old thread before i called that journal closed so I'll link it here if anyone wants to check it out.
Hey thanks buddy, i did forget. Works been busy they need to hire someone to take some off this load off me. Im not doing autoflowers this time.