Stupidface's New And Hopefully Perpetual Auto Grow: All Are Welcome!


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Thanks for coming by. I had planned to take the summer off from growing but couldnt resist anymore. Hopefully we'll have some of the old gang come back for this journal as well as some new faces. I've done two journals here in the past. With the first I put a lot of effort in despite not knowing what i was doing. Daily updates, bad attempts at jokes, etc. With the second i made updates every few days but they were short and factual and boring to read. Will try to find a happy medium for this one. With that said lets do an overview and put up some pictures before everyone gets bored.

Tent: 4x4x6.5 by vivosun. Does the job and is a huge improvement on my old 2x4x5

Pots: 5 gal fabric pots. Used to use plastic pots but tried a fabric pot for one plant last grow and was pleased.

Lights: "600W" viparspectra and a "600W" Meizhi. Each pulls around 270W at the wall.

Nutes: Fox Farm trio, silica blast, great white, flawless finish, calmag

Medium: 60% promix (they only had one bag of the promix moisture formula i usually use so its a mix of that and the promix hp), 20% coco and 20% perlite.

Added some great white to the promix before adding the coco and perlite and mixing thoroughly.

Seeds: It's going to be 3 of my best performers and one that i wasnt happy with and want to try again.

White widow auto by Crop King Seeds. This is what i grew for my first grow, they turned out great but i'd like to try and do better now that i have some idea what i am doing.

Gorilla Glue auto by Expert Seeds. Second strongest bud I've grown. Again, always looking to do it even better.

Glueberry OG auto by Dutch Passion. My favorite. Super sticky, cured really well. First seed i dropped this time was a dud but i had one more that is now in wet paper towel.

And finally, a Gold Glue auto by Mephisto Seeds. This plant was very small and gave me under 2 ounces. Quality was pretty good, but i want to improve in both areas this time.

3 of the 4 seeds are in soil, and the gorilla glue is already breaking through. Glueberry should go into it's pot tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Feel free to stick around, advice and questions are always welcome!

I will grab a seat for this one. Some nice looking autos you growed in your past grows , hopefully these will be even better. Best of luck to you.✌️

Glad to have you and all your knowledge here.

Woooop FRONT ROW! Actually if you have a dog, I’ll be chilling with him eating snacks:D

Can’t wait to watch this one!

I do have a dog but he is not allowed anywhere near the plants. He wants to mark them all as his territory. You're more than welcome though :)

Edit. To hang out and eat snacks, not mark your territory.
Welcome home SF :cool:
Looking good in there!
Expert seeds! I have 3 GGxlilly right now. One looks to have different leaves. Will see if flower keeps looking different like that too.
Frostys to you!

GGxLilly is on my seed shopping list once I saw how their GG did. Will keep an eye on yours before whipping out the credit card. Glad to have you here.
Not much to report so far. GG#4 popped yesterday but had some trouble getting her helmet off. Used a spray bottle and some shaky hands but got it done and she's roaring to go now.

Gold Glue was pushing through the soil all curled up so i used the spray bottle to mist away the soil above her this morning and she should straighten out and hopefully drop her shell by tonight.

Still no sign of the white widow, but it only had a tiny tap root when i planted her. she may have ended up upside down or something. Will drop a new seed if no sign by tomorrow. Glueberry was only planted yesterday so should be up by tomorrow morning.

Decided to google what myco does for plants and was amazed at how it works. If any of you arent using some sort of myco you should look it up and consider it. Great White was overpriced since i had to order it from the US and ship to Canada but there are less expensive options.
Well, slow start to this one. Two dud seeds so only 2 little seedlings right now and the other two were planted yesterday. Hoping they'll be up by morning. Pictures once the gang is assembled.
Status update time.

GG#4 Day 13: Still a few days from topping so a little behind schedule. I've only given her water twice since she popped and both times quite far from the plant so hopefully when she's built up some roots she'll take off.

Glueberry Day 10: Same as GG#4, having to work for her water so slow and steady progress.

White Widow Day 4: Got a small watering today with some great white.

Gold Glue Day 4: Leaves a little odd looking but hopefully next set will be normal.
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