Substitutes for liquid sunflower lecithin please! For coconut oil process


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On Monday I plan to de-carb over an ounce that I've got in a water curing process, but I've yet to be able to find liquid lecithin in my relatively small community. I picked up some powdered xanthan gum today, is this suitable?

At a Nutters shop they only had this and a powdered form of sunflower lecithin in a large, expensive, refrigerated bag. I'd seen note that liquid lecithin was required.

Please confirm then xanthan gum is suitable, and also how much should be used relative to either the amount of pot or coconut oil?

Plan is to decarb the pot using a 15lb/250F pressure cooker in 30min, and the next day to infuse into coconut oil using jars & a rice cooker. Choices are for stealth.



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The bag was >$30 and I think I only need a tablespoon or so per year for use; the xanthan gum was $12 and not in a refrigerator so I bought that. Question is, will it do?
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