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Suggestions for a bong


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Hey fellow stoners, Im in Anaheim California and Ive saved a nice little wad of cash enough to by myself a nice bong. Im just looking for a glass one or 2 footer for mostly personal and limited friend useage. Maybe some cool glass art on the bottom or sides, but nothing too crazy, I plan on painting stuff on it myself anyways. How much do you think thatll cost?


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If you are a great artist I would say painting on it would be cool otherwise it's going to make it look weird. How much money do you have? I believe, as I have said many times, spend your money on a quality glass piece like a RooR or a PHX pipe and it will give you years of excelllent service. Also, instead of going out and buying one of those artsy pieces with a rubber grommet go with a glass on glass piece because they seal way better than any of those fancy looking things.
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