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Ok I have a 3'x10' space to use for a hydro setup. My budget is $1,500 for the whole setup. If you were me what would you use as far as lights, to fill this space,? Odor control, ventilation, and the setup itself. I want to be able to get the most out of this space for yeilds ect.... Also would it be wise to split the area into a veg room in half of this space, and flower on the other? All pointers and guidance is greatly appreciated.

:allgood: Yhanks, gixxer420

Rocky Balboa

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Well right now im running 2x1000 watt hps with air cooled cylinders. Both lights are exhausted to the outside of my home. Therefore alot of the heat is gone. Those 2x1000 watt lights I bought with Bloom sunmaster bulbs 150,000 lumens. With ballasts & shipping etc my total was like a 1100.00


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I would probably go 2 600's, 24" carbon filter w/ squirrel fans, 4" ducting, waterproof pad, mylar, light movers maybe. I would use hydro buckets for about 15 plants and go 12/12 with them with a small area for 12/12 seedlings under CFL's.

But it's just a dream :)

How tall is the area?

Rocky Balboa

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Here's the info on my bulbs.

Sunmaster High Output HPS Lamps are High Pressure Sodium lamps designed to deliver 10% more light than standard HPS lamps.
This extremely energy-efficient plant grow lamp provides more energy which is essential Red output for stem elongation and flowering.

Incredible initial lumen output rating of 150,000 lumens.

Technical Specifications:
+ Initial Lumen Output: 150,000
+ Mean Life Hours: 24,000
+ Par Watts: 358

For use in all 1000 watt HP Sodium fixtures; optimum performance achieved when used with premium remote ballast enclosures.

$99.99 Each
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