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Suit Aims to Bring Clarification to Medical Marijuana Laws

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Mont. - Chris Lindsey’s an expert on medical marijuana cases. Now he’s suing the Flathead County prosecutor over two men arrested for carrying marijuana in their car.

“We’re not out trying to sue people for money. That’s not an aspect of this lawsuit. What we’re looking for is just simply clarity of our law,” explains Lindsey.

Lindsey plans to use the case to clarify state law which he says allows caregivers to have and transport up to six medical marijuana plants and one ounce per patient. He declined to name his clients, yet one arrested is a licensed caregiver and the other a card holder.

However, NBC Montana found court affidavits charging Lief Erickson and Robin Ruiz with intent to deliver. Affidavits say the two had three pounds of marijuana, 300 marijuana capsules, and five vials of THC honey.

Lindsey’s hoping the suit will come before a judge who can clarify the law once and for all.

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