Summer Drug Test: Hair Follicle Test


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I am graduating this May and have been connected to a great company through a professor who used to work there. The professor told me the company does Hair Follicle Drug Tests. I have been smoking weed regularly since November of 2019. I stopped smoking March 27th, (a few days ago.) The Drug test would be mid to late June. A friend told me to wait 10-14 days and buz-cut my head and shave my body. I have been looking through forums to see if anyone has done this but have not have any luck.

I have dark curly hair. I’m also 6’2 260 pounds ( I workout/played football)

Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Maybe you could arrange to miss enough school that you get the chance to re-take a class or two over the Summer, and go to work this coming Autumn, instead?

By the way, I have asked a staff member to combine this thread with the identical one you created three minutes earlier. Not bitching, but please don't do that - it causes confusion if/when different people start replying to them, someone replies in one and then goes back to the other thinking it's the same thread and then cannot find his/her post, et cetera. Thanks!
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