Summer Garden - High-Brix Blend

Left / chop- side is a new P600 and this are Heavyweight Dream Machine.
The Blue Dream are under a P 450.

My cloner has a 15W CFL, seeds and potted clones go under a 48x3.
For late veg I got a P 150 just veg specs.
After up-pot to 5gal I add some cheap 100x3 (100W) for the last week.

Got a bit sad here lately, so much closed journals in my subscriptions ???

Great looking grow DG.
Hi Dark :)

My thanks to you and GrizzWald for chiming in on the "after-glow" issue. This isn't something I had heard of before so I definitely didn't have any meaningful input on it haha. It is good to know that mis-wiring can cause such a problem in LEDs though.

Fed if I was you I would give Mark a call over at platinum and I am sure he will be more than willing to help you figure out what is going on inside that P450. I have only had good experiences with him and Platinum LED customer service. All in all that doesn't seem like a hard fix.. I know some members on this forum have had terrible experiences with improperly made LED lamps, and on top of it have to deal with out-of-the-country customer support thst doesn't care much for the issues they are having.

Please let us know what you find out Fed, these issues are important when gauging the effectiveness of new LED tech.

Thanks guys. I did talk to Mark, he suspected a ground issue. When the lights go on again I will hook one up to the other 220 line that runs the other side of the room thru a different timer/wire and breaker.. I"d be surprised if it was a wiring issue as we just put it in, new breakers 12 gauge wire, 20 amp timer, etc..but you never know. If that doesn't resolve it, my bud will be out here on friday and I can have him give it a look. And yes, Mark is a great guy and I'm sure this will get resolved in some manner. Thanks for the input guys!:Namaste:

Edit: Oh, and there is nothing else on this line. It goes straight from the panel (about 5 ft. away) to the timer, then into the room.
TheEngineer - Grow Journal #1

PlatinumLED P450 thread with some HPS comparison.

Hey Max. I was reading this journal... This guy posted some astonishing yields in my view. These aren't a clone to clone yield comparison so there could be a little bit of a variation concerning the
88g/pw, which is a 35% increase on the last quarter, which was HPS.

Basically he was going to do a side by side comparison but switched to full LED after only 7 days 12/12 under LED because of the noticeable difference. They were not clones so there could have been some variation from seed, but still impressive. Plus this guy didn't sound like a salesman for PlatinumLED.

The most I have every yielded under CFL in a 1 gallon pot was 40 grams and 20 to 30 grams was more common for me. This guy is producing 100+ grams in a 1.5 gallon pot? Damn! And the "Jack Herer" was autos and he still pulled 39g and 63g!

With my new HPS I was hoping for 40 grams per 1 gallon but was thinking 30 grams was probably more realistic :hmmmm:

His results: I believe he measured at 60% jar RH.

the last plant from this quarter will be harvested tomorrow, and the current tally is as follows;

Jack Herer #1 - [auto] 39g, P300, 3.5ltr pot, 9 weeks from seed
Jack Herer #2 - [auto] 63g, P300, 3.5ltr pot, 10 weeks from seed
Sour Diesel - [photo] 101g, P450, 5.7ltr pot, 3 weeks veg, 11 weeks flower
Amnesia Haze - [photo] 112g, P450, 5.7ltr pot, 3 weeks veg, 12 weeks flower

the Barney's 'Lucy is a day away from the jars, and the Cali Connection original Sour Diesel gets chopped tomorrow :peace:

cheers, dude :Namaste:

Barney's 'Lucy - [photo] 96g, P450, 5.7ltr pot, 3 weeks veg, 10 weeks flower

if the Cali Connection Original Sour Diesel comes in at its expected 100g, that will be an end result of 0.86g per watt for this run. this is from 7 plants, and yielded 13.9 ozs in total

by comparison, the last run, in identical conditions, but under HPS rather than LED, pulled 0.58g per watt. this was from 9 plants, and yielded 15.3 ozs

by the end of the next journal, I expect to exceed 1g per watt, with four plants in bigger pots, instead of 7 in smaller ones.

thanks for looking..

Cali Connection Original Sour Diesel - [photo] 81g, P450, 5.7ltr pot, 3 weeks veg, 9 weeks flower

dunno what was going on with my maths above, but the final aggregate weight for this quarter was 14.5 Ozs, 458 draw watts, which equates to 88g/pw, which is a 35% increase on the last quarter, which was HPS.

that concludes this journal, thanks for all comments and help along the way.

mods, please feel free to move to completed journals.

Interesting numbers :jawdropper:
You only can be sure if you follow the wire from surge to the end and don't miss any distribution that might be under paper in the wall.

@ SF

I get these numbers but with 3-5gal and don't have to much experience, just over 1 year now.
And after I have seen what LA does with 1gal I can believe this.

With shipping and customs you can add about 90$ to each Platinum I bought.
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