Summer Grow - Sativas In the Balcony


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Happy Freetheweed Day danishoes. Do you have anything growing now? Looks like you had a good harvest with some good looking buds. Happy Days. :48:


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Happy Freetheweed Day danishoes. Do you have anything growing now? Looks like you had a good harvest with some good looking buds. Happy Days. :48:

Hi there Bee, can't really complain about my harvests, they sure were a blessing. I only have one Indica growing right now, and Im trying to reveg all the 4 Sativas I've harvested. I got my tent at 14/10 light schedule. Im gonna let them run for a month to see what happens.


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CLAUSTRUM (kalimist//supersilverhaze//jackherer).- 30 grms dry bud. Open jar aroma crisp, spice, pine, eucalyptus, very incense type of aroma. When Smoked deep incense smell like a church. Effects: Stimulating, Positivity, feelings of getting things done, not good for sleeping or eating. Doesn't go to deep in the mind. Great for conversations and house parties. Great morning smoke.

TRAINWRECK (columbian//mexican//afghan): 21 grms dry bud. Open jar aroma dry smell of three bark, Cedar, wood, earth, Cinnamon*(*added flavor). When smoked very intense smell. Effects: This particular one hits hard on both sides, first you get trippy thoughts from the Sativa, not good for anxiety, but then you get hit with the Indica and boy your muscles relax and you can't get up, end up passing out or eating. Very Strong I dont smoke it regularly.

BRAINSTORM (haze cross): 20 grms dry bud. Open jar aroma Citrus, Pungent, very vibrant, Lemon Lime undertones. When smoked the citrus taste passes from the mouth to the nose, very intense, irritates the eyes. Effects: Very long lasting high, very energetic, positiveness, trippy with some moderate psychedelic. Great Morning smoke.

JAMAICAN SATIVA (unknown strain): 23 grms dry bud, Open jar aroma I can only describe it as fruity, mango, passion fruit, exotic fruit aroma. When smoked leaves a fruity sweetness in the palate. Effects: at first its a head high, feelings of happiness, overwhelming memories, sense of wanting to move and explore, creative cloud, but it has a numbing effect that makes me believe it has a Indica to it, face feels numb and you get hungry. If you smoke to much, Knocks you out too.


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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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Wow! Fantastic grow, especially considering the latitude. Took me a while, but read from cover to cover. Thx for the lessons and vibes.

I'm currently growing Trainwreck w/training similar yours. Would welcome any input.

Thanks for the Love Ranger, and let me tell you are in for a real treat :circle-of-love: Trainwreck is one of the most potent, if not the most potent strain I have grown so far, and Im glad I grew her outdoors, she really developed her full genetics profile, geno and pheno. For this summer Im coming back with the Purple Trainwreck Outdoors.

I passed by your journal and Im definitely subbed.

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