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Sunlight issues


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I have 6 small plants close to a foot tall. The place outside where I have them in thier pots only gets about 7 hrs of sun a day because of obstuctions. So I thought of a good idea. Put the plants on the roof of my patio cover so they get more sun.
Well BAD IDEA. Its too hot up there. The leaves curled, the stalks drooped and the tips burned. So I wont be doing that again in the middle of a SoCa summer with 95-105 temps, yea I know the ideal temp to grow but my babies need more light. I took them down yesteday afternoon, put them back where they were with the semi restricted sunlight and they have all recovered.
I have a mister system in my backyard. I rerouted some of them to hit the plants 3 times a day on a timer. By the looks of the plants, they seem to like it.
Anyone have any advice regarding my grow under these conditions?


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Do you have to worry about wandering eyes?


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Cannibas plants do not need direct sunlight throughout the whole day. It is impossible to get direct sunlight all day, due to items being around them, and the earth rotating you arent able to obtain direct sunlight, there will always be a shadow of some sort during the day at sometime. Unless there is NOTHING surrounding the plants then you can obtain more direct sunlight. In the wild cannabis plants get alot of residual light during the day, due to the canopy of trees and other things surrounding the plants.
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