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Sup from Okietown


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Well I started smoking about 6 months ago and it really has changed my life. I have met alot of new people because of MJ and I smoke with them everyday. I own 2 bongs 1. a perculator 2. a vortex and I also own 2 glass pipes which I have named 1. highbrid 2. kushkilla and I am really happy that I found a website that can teach me even more about my favorite hobby. But I do have 1 question......is it bad to smoke out of tinfoil?......... well thanks to all of you 420 lovers for the site.

Herb Fellow

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Welcome smokindadro. I haven't smoked using tinfoil in years and then it was out of necessity. Allow highbrid and kushkilla earn their cost. You have good smoking devises - use them.


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:hmmmm: why would you want to use foil if you have those lovly bongs???
:48: I was interduced to mj on a bong guess I am spoiled hehe..:bong::allgood:


well i dont use foil but my friend sitting next to me does and he was wondering because thats what he uses at his house........ any alternatives for pieces that he can make at his house???

Jim Finnel

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you could use an apple

you don't want to use anything that is gonna make fumes other that marijuana fumes.

just get a cheapy glass pipe or papers

do a search here. i know there are directions for making a variety of pipes.
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