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Sup with the pics?


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I created 2-3 new albums lastnight and uploaded pics into them.

I got an email saying one was moved to another category.
"Subject: 420 Magazine photo category change
From: webmaster@420magazine.com
We felt that your photo, titled "Da'Hooka", was more appropriate
in a different category. To view it, and to find out where
we moved it (look in the upper left for the category name), visit
this link:"

Now, when I go to MyAlbums,
There's nothing showing/listed/visible ...
y'all see anything in that album, http://www.420magazine.com/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/894

But the pics are displayed/visible on the main gallery page:

Jim Finnel

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ok bro i see whatcha mean, but i don't have a clue as to why it happened. recently everything changed with how the uploads work. if i we're you and your lucky i'm not you, trust me, and i'd just try re-uping them. i'll take and upload some pics tommorrow and learn first hand how the new way works and see if i have any problems. if i see anything to help i'll let ya know. i'm just a spare hand in the gallery and don't know that much.

i never heard drill before either :cool:


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Well I looked at it and I am not sure why it's doing this.
I am also not sure why your photo's where moved.
If you put them in your members gallery thats where we leave them,
we do not move or delete photos from the member galleries unless they
are face pics or something inappropriate.
Like User said try re-uploading them and see if this fixes the prob.


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DaMagoMan when you upload a photo and you want it in one of your albums
make sure you choose your album before you upload the photo

this is where you choose your album when uploading

it look like you were uploading them just to your members gallery and not to one of your albums.
Try uploading a pic to one of your albums.
Let me know if that fixes the problem.
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