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Super cheap floros


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1000 bulbs has some really cheap floros on sale, but only for another day or two. One that caught my eye is a screw socket T5 for ninety-nine cents:

Base Type Medium
Color Rendering Index 82
Color Temperature (Kelvin) 2700K
Life Hours (Avg) 10,000
Lumens (Initial) 2650
Outer Diameter 7.3 in.

It wouldn't be too hard to build a DIY fixture for it and have it like a halo over a plant. The price is certainly right. They also had some 3000K T8 tubes for thirty-five cents each and a 6 pack of 17w CFLs for $5.

I'm still pretty new around here so if this post violates a rule please let me know.


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how much do the connectors cost for these tubes I can't seem to find any does anybody else feel this could be achieved cheaply and easy I was going to purchase a T5 but am considering attempting to build something similar anybody have any experience with connecting a few floros together ?


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The T5 I mentioned uses a screw base that can be bought at pretty much any home depot. Wiring them in series is pretty easy. Given their size I would use them as supplemental lighting, side lighting, or for lighting under the canopy. There are CFL bulbs with better lumen output and a smaller footprint that are better suited to primary lighting in a floro setup.
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