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Super Duper Winter Pepper/Eggplant Grow

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Hello all, I will be posting here once every week or so during the next 4 -5 months or so to grow red bell peppers and eggplants in my tent at home. Normally there are cannabis plants in the tent but I am taking a break to grow something that needs less attention on a daily basis.

So far I have germinated 5 pepper plants and still waiting for the eggplant to germinate. Below is a picture of the Solo cups with the germinated pepper seeds. I will be picking the two strongest peppers and eggplants to grow in my 2.5x2.5 foot tent.



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Grew peppers in the tent once before. They were fun to grow. Didn't prune the way I had hoped so I got a lot of little peppers. Going to grow them a wide open shape to allow only 6 to grow per plant.. Same with the egg plant.

Today one pepper popped!


Sorry for the poor picture. Will get a better one once the dome comes off!