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Super fast germination


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This may sound like sure death but believe me, it works very well and when done right your you will see signs of life in as little as 9 hours! I also believe it has other benefits but not completely sure yet, needs alot more testing before I would say it does.
here is the formula I use every time I germinate seeds!
Boil 1 gallon water, add 1tablespoon bleach, ( non perfumed ) and I have added 2-10 drops of Superthrive on several trials with some very interesting results! Thats up to you it does not require it but it may be what you are looking for because you do have more chance of getting twins and triplets because superthrive is hormones and that can do all sorts of weird shit to your stuff! this is experimental so do what you want with it, it can be cool to see two embryos instead of one. Its like getting 2 for 1 !!! Anyways,Take a clean white terry cloth towel. Soak in the water bleach mixture for 12 hours, overnite is how I do it so it's about 8 - 12 hours. Bring the water to a rapid bowel again with the towel in it still. After it has cooled enough to reach in and grab the rag, then take the towel and wring it out, not completely dry. i take it and wring most of the water out then shake it a couple times, just so it doen't drip. Fold the towel and put inside an airtight tupperware type dish .
You have the towel folded so you can open the fold and put your seeds in and spread them around so they are not touching each other. If you let the towel get completely cooled off then before you put the seeds in, heat it up in the microwave for about 10 secs on high. it must be warm but not hot! after you put the seeds inbetween the folds of the towel,put the lid on so it is airtight. Oh ya, make sure you wash your hands before doing any of this, keep all the germs out and it will just increase your odds of success.
Ok, now you place the container in a warm area. I put mine ontop of a tin container placed on top of the gas stove. the pilot light keeps it nice and warm and that helps alot! The top of the refrigorater is another great place to keep them warm. You can also get a heating matt for germinating seeds, about 10.00 at the garden shop at osh or kmart, target, ace.
It's important to wait at least 9 hours before you open the container. I have never yet had anything happen in less than 9 hours but who knows, its experimental so do what you want! After 12 hours, check to see if they are opening. The most viable ones will open soonest. I also found that the later they open the more males. I have never gotten a male from the first ones that open. still needs alot of testing so be careful, you never know what you'll get because I do know that Bleach is deadly to plants and life in general if used just a little off it could kill your little beans! And one more thing, I also found that you have to remove the germinated ones out within a few days, put them into grow ASAP, if left to long in the germanation container they will die! I am putting up some pics of the finished product from using this germination formula! I have never yet been disapointed from using this formula so as long as it keeps doing good for me I will continue using it untill something better comes around!
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Minus the bleach and Superthrive, mostly what you are doing is a process called "Scarification". Some seeds (non-cannabis) require you to compromise the seeds hard outer casing to make them able to germinate. External dormancy results from a seed's hard seed coating that is impervious to water and gases. The seed will not germinate until the seed coat is altered physically. Any process of breaking, scratching, or mechanically altering the seed coat to make it permeable to water and gases is known as scarification. In nature, this often occurs by fall seeding. Freezing temperatures or microbial activities modify the seed coat during the winter. Scarification can also occur as seeds pass through the digestive tract of various animals. This process is not necessary with cannabis seeds but I can see how it would speed the germination process by compromising the outer shell of the seed. However, things like bleach have no buisiness anywhere near anything you are planning on consuming and I would be too afraid of simply cooking the seed in it's shell with the boiling hot water.
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