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Super Lemon Haze - Organic Soil - Stealth Cabinet Grow

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I'm just getting back on line after my computer died. This is my third grow journal and my 6th grow. I've learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. The style in which I grow has now successfully brought me through the end of two trouble free grows of A++ Medicine. Super simple and easy once I found the right soil for me. My grow is very simple.

I am only growing 1 plant that was a cutting off my buddy's Super Lemon Haze mother plant from Greenhouse Seeds. it's in the 9th week of 12x12. Unfortunately I only have a few pics I took on my phone. This is a cabinet grow with LED lights in Organic soil. As soon as she get's the chop I'll be starting another journal on Moonshine Haze from RD. Details below.

2'x3'x'7 converted file cabinet
Passive intake
2 Converted computer fans for exhaust with 2 Custom carbon filters
CO2 - Bottles with a Titan Atlas 2 for a controller

Strain Name: Super Lemon Haze
Breeder: Green House Seeds
Type: Fem

Grow Medium:
Organic Soil made locally
15 Gallon "The Awesome Pot" (a lot like a smart potter only better)
Soil amendments: Molasses and Orca every watering
Sea Bird Guano (week 3 and 5 of flower)

PH: Soil 7 -- Water 6.5
Temp: 65 Lights off -- 90 Lights on
Humidity: Ranges from 35 to 60

Here's the pics I saved to get it started:

[/B]10 Days After Start 12x12

30 Days After Start 12x12

37 Days After Start 12x12

44 Days After Start 12x12

52 Days After Start 12x12

56 Days After Start 12x12

That's it for now. I'll be chopping her Tuesday or Wednesday as she's already showing 75% Cloudy, 20% Clear, and 5% Amber. Greenhouse says the flower time is between 9 - 10 weeks. I think they are absolutely correct on that. This Tuesday will be exactly 9 weeks.

Please feel free to post any pics of your SLH here. It would be cool to see what others are doing with her in various other grow configurations.

See you Tuesday:Namaste:
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I underestimated how quick she'd finish. I had to harvest yesterday (Sunday) because the trichs told me to (10% Amber, 15% Clear, and 75% Cloudy). It took me 5 hours for the one plant. I'll never forget to trim the lowers again. What a PITA. Regardless, the test buds I took (weeks 7 and 8) are spectacular meds. A perfect blend of Sativa and Indica. It is feel good meds with no paranoia. 1 hit and I can get stuff done, 3 hits and it's lights out! This pheno is definitely Indica dominant.

I'm Expecting no less than 6 OZ. of dried top shelf meds off this one plant!!!

Greenhouse seeds, despite their poor rep on forums has a winner with SLH. I bought some Hawaiian Snow seeds today because I'm so impressed with this one I decided to try another. Some good smoke reports on that one and very cheap compared to what I've spent on other brands.

Anyways, I know this journal is Super Lemon Lame but here's the few pics I took during the unexpected trim session last night. Any Q's just ask.


Typical size and shape of the majority of the Colas

Close ups - FROSTY

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Thank you GD.

Just doing what we do :volcano-smiley: I noticed the LED lights I have are discontinued to make way for new models. There are some sweet deals to be had out there. There's no doubt LED is the future and here to stay. Check out Light Addicts journals on this site for some ground breaking OSRAM LED grow lights.

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The SLH has been drying since Sunday and it's almost there. Been drying at 68 - 70 degrees and 40 - 60 humidity. I sampled a tiny little nug off one of the small lower branches last night and it was awesome. I may be building a tolerance to my current strains because I took 1 hit off a glass pipe and I was blasted. fell asleep 10 minutes later. Not sure what that was all about as week 7-8 the test nugs were pretty uplifting. I should have dry weight and bud shots by Sunday.

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Final Harvest Numbers 7.5 OZ. 1 Plant

WOW is all I can say. Greenhouse Seeds Super Lemon Haze is a big winner in my book. I almost matched my best numbers with 1 plant. I always grew out 2 before. The total top shelf meds weighed in at a whopping 7.5 OZ. I have another 2+ Oz of lowers and sugar leaves. I now have enough SLH to last me a LONG time. These buds were all DENSE and they weigh a lot. even the small nugs are the perfect density. Every bud is covered with crystal. Completely dry these buds are pliable and greasy/sticky. I find a grinder useless. It just gets stuck and clogged up in there.

Initial smoking tests are fantastic. Smell taste and flavor are improving daily. Still a bit harsh but that should mellow out with a good cure.

Smell: Smells exactly like Meyers lemons; sweet, hazy, and lemony.

Taste: Haze first with a lemon background.

Buzz: 1-hit: Great for after work and doing chores around the house. The initial inhale expands and coughing is mostly optional. If you take too big of a hit you can literally black out from the initial rush. It is immediate. It then dissipates into a nice glow with a slight raise in heartbeat and a little sweat on the brow. within 5 minutes it's built into a nice mix of mind and body. around the 7 minute mark I get a real energy boost and can't sit still. This continues to build and then turns into a relaxing stone that can be a little edgy at the very end. This is when it's time to medicate again (about 2.5 - 3 hours). 2-hits: I can still function but lose track of what I'm doing. 3-hits: Couch lock - Night Night. I'm enjoying the 1 hit method.

The harvest took a long time and I only snapped just a few pics. Sorry this journal is so lame!

Mods, Please move this into completed journals (it might make a better smoke/grow report).


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Thanks GD,

Everyone that's tried it loves it. These are pretty cheap beans too. I'd give it a shot. I got a USB microscope so I can take some dry trich-shots. I'm going to try and get it working here in a minute.


Dusty Kiefers

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That was the fastest journal I ever saw lol.
Nice growing. Reps man.
Got anything going now?
I looked into those leds years ago ended up geting a lush led.
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I know right? My friend just started chemo therapy and is too sick to grow his own meds. I'm in the process of setting up a tent to grow for both of us. I got a budmaster II 675 G.O.D. light to go in the tent with the other light. Should be bright in there. As soon as i get that up and dialed in i'll start a journal. I cracked some kali mist that will hopefully make it and I'm planning on putting the girls in the tent. Should be fun...
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Thanks buddy! This one is great. My second favorite after the White pheno of WiFi.

My initial smoke report holds true. The smell taste and smoothness have all improved tremendously in the CC Vaults. :peace:
I had a bad experience with greenhouse seeds but want to grow slh sooo bad! :)
This journal isnt lame btw, its exactly the way I like to see em, straight and to the point. Great job btw :)
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Thanks scrubby! I really appreciate the positive feedback. Let's me know in on the right track.

I would really give these beans a shot. I've only heard and seen amazing things with the SLH. GHS has a lot of supporters and I have seen some stellar grows with their seeds.

I have a friend that only grows their seeds and he has really found some sweet phenos with multiple strains. That's just my experience. My buddy's 5 pack of SLH all popped and we're all great smoke. He's the one that gave me the clone.

I've also read a lot of bad reports on their seeds and I have to wonder why my experience is so different.

Hope this helps you pull the trigger because SLH is one that shouldn't be missed. :volcano-smiley:
Yeah, by the way things look you didnt need me to tell you youre on the right track!! :)
Ive purchased slh and their bubba kush and only 2 of the bubbas popped...and they were both retarded! Fantastic smoke but weird phenos! I grow in high brix soil and get sprouts about 99% of the time with all my other beans...maybe I just got a bad batch or something during shipping happened. I think I will pop on another round of slh. Being winter now, they might stand a better chance in the mail. :)
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Yeah, by the way things look you didnt need me to tell you youre on the right track!! :)
Ive purchased slh and their bubba kush and only 2 of the bubbas popped...and they were both retarded! Fantastic smoke but weird phenos! I grow in high brix soil and get sprouts about 99% of the time with all my other beans...maybe I just got a bad batch or something during shipping happened. I think I will pop on another round of slh. Being winter now, they might stand a better chance in the mail. :)
Thank you scrubby. You definitely know what your doing and I really appreciate the feedback on their beans. I have some Hawaiian snow from them. I'm going to throw one in water tonight to see if it's viable. The last thing I want to do is promote bad seed stock. I'll let you know by Sunday what happens.

When I crack beans I put em in water like you do then I place em on my dish reciever with a black cup over the shot glass...nice and warm and never fails :)
More than happy to be here bud :)
I have afghan kush special and dinachem going right now. The aks is beautiful but the jury is still out on the dinachem...ill ket ya know!
In the process of moving right now to a legal state where ill be doing 48 plants for patients...keep qn eye out for a journal in a couple months :)
Cheers bro :) (bra?) Lol
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Definitely let me know when you get your journal up scrubby. I'd love to follow along. I'm very interested in high brix. Right now I'm invested in organic living soil. But I'd like to give high brix a shot.

I use the top of the water heater and 2 ceramic plates taped together. Funny how we all have our favorite little spot to germinate seeds.

I'll definitely let you know how the Hawaiian Snow works out. It'd be a shame if these seeds were DOA.