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Super rhino outside

A friend gave me a mother of super rhino after he cut about 10 clones from her and he didn't want it because it was slanting.I told him maybe I'll bonsai it but after looking at it and tying it up for a week it straighten up some what I wanted to know if I can throw it into flowering since I have it outside or should I wait till the sept-oct time table.I live in housing assistance but they never go into the back next week going to transplant it into a five gallon and wait or if you guys got any advice or suggestions.never heard of super rhino I think it's crossed with white widow x super silver. He had it inside with about fifty other mothers and it was a double,so if you can help me out with a decision would really be appreciate it.:peace2:

and keep blazin
Captain would you think I should cut some clones first I've never smoke or really heard of it and just buy some more clones.Last tear did a inside ak47 but didn't have the $ for good lighting that's why I went to the outside.can't find nothing on super rhino white rhino because it's a f1 of the white widow but the super I think it's crossed with super haze x white widow any comments???
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