Super Silver Haze?

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Hey guys...

This is my second post, I tried to do a search but could not really find the info I need.

I got a crop king AutoFlower Fem MIX. I started 4 germinated seeds that were put into soil on 12/15. I harvested 1 plant at the 10 week mark which had to have been a Lowryder since it finished out so quickly.

Second plant I am almost CERTAIN it is a Northern Lights. I really need help identifying the 3rd and 4th plants.

Yesterday was week 11 and the Northern Lights looks like this:

The 3rd plant looks like this and I still have no clue what she is,any ideas folks?

The last plant is just freaking HUGE, someone suggested it was Super Silver Haze. My only concern is that SSH is not listed as an autoflower on Crop King Seeds. Can you guys confirm what she is? She is over 3 feet tall, should I TOP her? Here's what she looks like:

AS ALWAYS any help would be greatly appreciated... :thanks: