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Super Soil Drainage?


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Hey, I just found this forum the other night and after reading some great info from the journals I decided I need to participate.

So I have a GDP plant from seed bout 3 weeks old in a 12" circle pot. Its in soil, under CFLs and a blue LED right now. Temp and Humidity where they are suppose to be. Here is my dilemma

When I water this particular plant. The pot seems to drain almost all the water out in 10 minutes. Now I know drainage is good. The reason Im questioning this particular plant, is this plant has sisters in the same soil in the same pots in the same room from the same seeds, however none of the pots drain like this. I highly doubt its oversaturated, because this even happened after the transplant and first watering in its 12" pot. As well as the other plants who are on the same watering schedule are doing quite well. The plant that is draining too well, is suffering from minor leaf droop, which from what I read might be over dry medium. Go figure :51:

Now my two part question is. Is there something evil at work here? Im just under the assumption it just drains better, and I might need to water it a little more often than the others.

My second question is.... With the water that drains out. Im afraid it is losing all the nutes from the soil. Should I take the water that drains from the pot and water it again?

Thanks in advance everyone. I really want to start a journal however.....I dont believe it would be interesting at all unless I can find the cord to my camera.
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