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Super Stealth Dual 600w + LED + T5 Perpetual Cabinet Grow


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What's up farmers!

I've been wanting to do my own journal for a long time so I'm finally just gonna sack up and do it Here's the set up;

I have two Earth Cab Pro XL's that I got here...www.cabinetgrow.com. One they customized for me with LED's and one is their standard model.

Running ICE...I think...Got the clones from a friend of mine several months ago. He told me at the time that it was blackberry, but it's definitely not. I know he has an ICE mom, and after a couple pulls I think that's what it is.

Cabinet #1 Now has;

Top Chamber (bloom)
•600w HPS on a Digi ballast
•(8) #3 soil pots in week 7
Lower Chamber (veg)
•2x 3' HO T5
•(1) #3 soil pot for ICE mother
•Tray of about 30 clones
•Veg in .5 gal soil bags

Cabinet #2 now has;

Top Chamber (bloom)
•600w MH on Digi ballast
•(8) #3 soil pots in middle of week 3
Lower Chamber;
•(3) 45w LED panels 6:1 red(660nm)/blue (460nm)
•(3) #3 pots + (2) .5 gal bags just cuz I couldn’t bring myself to throw ‘em out

I’m running;

•R/O water
•Fox Farm OF
•Rasta Bob’s Rasta Roots (benis)
•CNS17, Sweet Raw, Hydroplex, Liquid Karma

I don’t feed any nutrients for the first 2-3 weeks, then start with the Botanicare. Double Trellis with a lot of thinning below, although I’m running what feels like a lot of plants so I can focus on the main stem and still fill out my canopy. Both systems are cooled with 6” duct blowers and use 6” carbon filters for odor control. No CO2. These bad boys are pretty damn stealth.

GOAL- I’m trying to hit 1 gpw. Seems like a lofty goal, but seems possible with the genetics I’ve got and my last crop I got 1.2 dried, so…why not right? PLEASE keep comments positive…One Love I welcome questions and comments from noobs, and really would love feedback from the vets around here.

Yes it was expensive…I didn’t build my system because I don’t have the tools…or the ability. It’s already paid off though, so I’m happy.

WHO’s IN???
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very nice here watching your grow


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Almost time to pull these...started flushing a few days ago. Sorry for the poor quality pics;

Here's the pair

Here's the thinning I had to do;

Next crop getting ready;

Videos coming as soon as I can get 'em uploaded.
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UPDATE- I just harvested last night :high-five: Should be a pretty good pull. Here are before and after videos, sorry for the low quality;



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The weigh in...

I got just over 13oz. I could have done much better and I'm a little disappointed in myself. Smoke is SUPER nice, smooth and clean. High is buzzy and mellow. Just know that I could have done a little better on the weight.

Please give me your opinion here...should I;

(A) Run 6 units instead of 8, veg until 12" like last time, and thin out, or

(B) Run 6 units and bloom earlier...like 6" tall and thin out less

Would love to hear your thoughts!!!


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Here's my updated videos...been super busy lately and it shows in my little ones :27: Anyway, I took some tiny clones to see if I could pull it off, then planted some seeds of some new strains :high-five: CAN'T WAIT to run 'em.

Mango Maui
Sour Diesel
Blue Dream


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