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Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) CO2 Systems Used for Dispensary Extracts?


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1. Does anyone know which dispensaries are distributing extracts that have been processed using the SFE CO2 methods?

2. How do the CO2/SFE extracts differ from the BHO type in consistency, flavor, smoothness and effect?

3. Are the products made through the CO2/SFE method more desirable - for whatever reason?

The reason I am asking is because there is a local auction coming up that includes a professional laboratory-grade SFE system up for sale and it will probably go for pennies on the dollar. The system costs over $100K new but sometimes they fly under the radar and go ridiculously cheap like the rest of the equipment (mass spectrometers are only $200). For example, I just bought a 3500-RPM lab homogenizer & mixing tip (to make e-liquid for vapor pens) for about $325 picked & shipped - it originally cost over $2,500. There are vacuum pumps and chromatography systems galore and it seems to be a great way to repurpose some serious science towards making our medicine as safe as possible to consume (I'm trying to get away from smoking).

I hope I don't have to get a loan on my truck just to pay for this thing - that is if it makes sense. Is there anyone out there who can provide some good advice? I'd hate for this to go to some profit-hungry reseller instead of someone involved in "the trade" of helping us achieve parity with the pharma industry.

The attached picture represents the same manufacturer's setup, except this one has four larger sample tubes instead; it will probably process 2 pounds+ at a time, collecting the extract from each tube separately to keep strains discretely unique.


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