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So everyone says to put the butter water and Marijuana together and boil....well I found another way that I think is better but that could just be me...but here's what i do!!!!

1 - Boil a pot of water
2 - Take a mason jar the little one or big one depends on how much weed your using plus a stick of Real yes real butter (1 oz of bud to 1 lb) of butter put it in the jar place the jar with the butter into the pot of boiling water. I used a little over 4 grams per stick...
3 - Put your shake into a cheesecloth tie it off so nothing comes out and drop it into the jar with the butter. Cover the jar with a piece of foil and let cook!!!

While the water is heating the glass it melting the butter and the butter is extracting the THC.

After a few hours pull the cheesecloth squeeze excess butter out place in fridge and bam few hours later you have butter! No waiting overnight.

Now if i Can just figure out how to make whipped Canna butter the world would be a better place!!!

Hope you like this method!!! Making butter tonight...can't wait for waffles in the morning!!! :goodluck:


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Sounds easy, is there any degradation of THC versus's melting in the pan method? If you ever find a way to make whippped butter, let me know, eh?:tokin:


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i think i did find a way to make whipped butter add a little olive oil to it... i actually think its a little more potent, making it this way...cause i don't have to strain the water out, cause it cooks in the oil itself...look at it kind of like making tea
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