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Superlocker 3.0

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Hi guys, I'm a newbie with a little experience and am interested in the Superlocker 3.0. Has anyone used this in the past?
I'm worried the 250 w HPS sun system may be too hot for the small space but I'm not too sure as you can dim it. Or would the LED version be better? Any advice would be great or info on any other systems? I am only after something ready to go that I don't have to build myself.
Hey dil28 - that 250 w HPS will run hot in that space. I debated on getting the Locker - if you have the space get the Superstar or even the Deluxe. They are MUCH easier to work in, you'll be glad you did. I have the LED Superstar, and it's the perfect amount of space I think.


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Hi dil28, I agree that the 250w HPS maybe too much for that small of a space, especially if you live in a warm to hot climate. I own a Superstar also and it seems to be about the right size for what I want to accomplish. Weirdly, the basic Superstar and the Superlocker come with the same 150w HPS Sun System setup. You would think the Superstar would have at least a 250w since it is considerably bigger. Anyways, I bought a ready made set up because I just didn't have the time to commit to researching and building one myself. So far it has been fun, and that is a good thing. I have heard and read so many pro's and con's on the advantages and disadvantages of growing with LED's that it makes my head spin. Guess I am just waiting for a clearer picture before I commit that kind of cash out-lay.
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Hi guys thanks for the responses. I was cautious about the locker and after having another look I think the Superstar might be the way to go with the additional side lighting. Will the 150w be enough for the Superstar? I don't really want to go LED untill I get some more experience. But I also don't want to take the risk of upgrading to 250w and burning my plants. Thoughts?


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I have had 2 great grows in my Superstar, one was a little over 5ozs and the second was just under 9ozs. Both were great quality and for my personal use, so I was happy. I had a lot of experience in outdoor growing, but very little in recent indoor growing, so my learning curve was not very steep, challenging, but not steep. If you live in a climate or have the indoor setup that offers a good degree of temperature control, then yes go with the 250w, if not, the 150w will do fine and be more forgiving. That way you get some experience and knowledge that will help you step up to a higher wattage grow. Also, the Superstar basic set-up comes with 2 T-5 fluorescent bulbs, but they are for the seedling/cloning chamber. The pictures on the their website can be a little miss leading. I just went down to a local hydroponics store and bought 3 T-5 lights and some Velcro and installed them myself. I may purchase a Apollo 300w LED that should fit into the Superstar with no problem, and see if it is worth the hype. They are relatively low cost compared to many other LED's of the same technical stats.