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Should i use superthrive on my outdoor plants. i have 9 outdoor plants and ive already sexed them. started indoor flowered til sex known then moved outside. saw superthrive in the store and knew i herd of it so should i use this, is this stuff bad or good.

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It works best when you're not using a lot of nutes.

Some ppl use it toward the end of flowering.

Others have had good results using it in low doses for transplants, seedlings, and clones. Its basically vitamins and hormones, nothing you're really going to "burn" your plant with. I've read in a few horticultural books that it just doesn't work as well when you're already using a lot of other nutes.


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I use Superthrive for vegging plants, when transplanting (to prevent shock), and on stressed plants. Superthrive is basically Vitamin B1 and Thamine, both great for stimulating new root growth. I would only use it during veg. or during the first week of flowering. Using it at the end of flowering would not do a great deal.
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