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Supervisors Propose Fee For Marijuana ID Cards

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Siskiyou County, Calif. - The first reading of an ordinance setting county fees for medical marijuana I.D. cards and revising other Personal Health Division fees was approved by the board of supervisors last week. A public hearing for possible final adoption of the ordinance was set for Nov. 18.

The annual fee for a county-issued medical marijuana I.D. card is proposed at $156, which includes the state fee of $66 and the county portion of the fee at $90.
Fees would be increased for vaccinations, tuberculosis skin testing and for travel immunizations.

Terry Barber, director of the Public Health and Community Development Department, stated that minors could apply for the medical marijuana I.D. card only with family approval. She pointed out that Medi-Cal patients would pay half of the regular fee, but that the county would “make every effort to recover” costs from the Medi-Cal program.

“Excellent job,” said Supervisor Jim Cook, “And this puts the burden of enforcing permits on law enforcement.” He also explained, “This needs to be handled through a pharmacy.”

Supervisor Michael Kobseff said he thinks the fee for the marijuana I.D. card is still too low.

“We need to raise the fee in order to make up for the Medi-Cal people,” he said and suggested that it should be “at least $150 plus the state portion of $66.” He stated that he “still likes the $300” fee that he suggested at a previous meeting.

County counsel Frank DeMarco reminded Kobseff that government fees cannot be higher than the county’s actual cost to administer them.

Barber said the county could review costs after six months and adjust the fee if necessary.

Supervisor LaVada Erickson reminded the other board members that the I.D. card would need to be renewed each year and that a doctor’s prescription is still necessary.

The vote for approval was 3-1 with Kobseff providing the lone dissenting vote.

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Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
as a disabled person on a very tight budget these fees are or would be hard to add into my budget. this is nothing more than government trying to once again take advantage of sick people. scam, scam, scam.


New Member
Ah yes, another scam to make money off of something that the Feds have deemed illegal. Sounds like another black market opprotunity to me. You know just like fake IDs and SS cards. They just keep finding ways to fuck us.............
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