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"Supplemental" Lighting To Enhance 2-600Watt HPS Redeyes?


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First time soil and I have two air cooled high quality hoods and Hortilux Redeye HPS bulbs on a 12/12 for 4-5 days now.
I have T5 s in my Veg box and can use one of those if it would help.

What other lighting besides $500.00+ LED's are WORTH the Investment?

Or are the 2 600 Watt Hortilux sufficient?
Its getting VERY VERY THICK!!

Can I place a T5 underneath the canopy and let it sit on the top of the containers?
Its a 4 ft. T5 Sunblaze.

BTW: I have 6 5 Gallon pots in a 2 x 6 x 12 ft space.


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I dont quite have the space or amount of lighting you do, but I have mounted 4- 4 ft fluorescents for a total of 8 bulbs and they start at the base of the plants and go upwards plus the over head light and even though my main plant has turned into a bush I am seeing alot of really good bud sights inside/under the canopy. The good thing even though they are only T8 4 ft twin strips they only cost 10$ so for around 60ish $ including blubs 4 units you can add 256 watts and about 20k lumens.

They run pretty cool but I went the extra mile and gutted them and put the transformer/igniters in a completely different room.

I think the side lighting is working great for me and my space is 2ft X3.7ft X10ft.
So for your space you could probably put 4 on each 6ft long wall and come out with some great side lighting reaching deep into your plants.

Hope it helps.


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I'm running a 1000 watt hps in a 4x4 tent and because my girls are so bushy, there's literally no light getting more than a couple of inches through pretty much any part of the canopy. I took 4 of those round work light reflectors and I'm using 2700k cfls on the dark spots and lighting up the side growth and rotating the plants 90 degrees every day, it raised the temp a little but I was prepared for it. Anything you add is going to add heat so whatever way you can add the most light with the least amount of heat is the way to go.


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So basically ANY light is better than none as long as you can handle temps?
I read about converting those CFL security lights...
I don mind investing another $100.00 for Three 4 Ft T5 Fixtures for example as long as I Get A PAYOFF!

Other than adding a couple 4 ft T5 fixtures, is there ANYTHING else that ENHANCES Flowering?
I hear about 2100K bulbs......
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