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Supplementing nitrogen in early flower


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Ok, so it's the same problem I get every cycle. The bois go in then they get yellow then they get yellower then I have a shit harvest. I thought it was the pH of my tap water (It still could be) so I now use spring water at ph 6.2. Every time I get a nitrogen deficiency about 4-5 weeks into flower. I use biobizz grow, bloom and topmax in the exact formula the bioguyz suggest. If i added Nitrogen from canna mono during the 2nd and 3rd week would this solve the issue? and boost my guys up.

In the case of a pineapple chunk plant at week 5 day 1 flower
I potted in ALLmix 4 weeks before it went into flower made it mother and stole its kids
i fed it water from the tap whilst it was in veg then i fed it nutrients (bio grow, bloom, topmax) as said in the guide for each corresponding week on a friday. I fed it with spring water not tap water. now it is yellow as fuck


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Blood meal!


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How many plants you got going? If its more than one does it happen to all of them?

I think your gonna have to do some experimenting to find the cure, try adding some N from canna mono like you said and see what happens.
If it works...great!...if not then back to drawing board and try something new.
I found that my girls went yellow in flower if I didn't add enough Pk booster.


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Before adding nitrogen I'd suggest finding the pH of your soil when this happens. If your locked out you will only make the issue worse adding more nutrients. You can find cheap digital soil testers for less than $20. It definitely is nitro deficiency from what you describe.

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first i suggest u start calling them ladies instead of guys . that could be half your issues right there lol . u could always foliar feed with some diluted veg nutes .
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