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hey guys I have never grown before but I have been reading a lot of journals and i think this spring I will be ready to get my feet wet lol... anyways I was just wondering what I can pick up around here (home depot / wal mart). I plan to grow from bag seeds for the first month or so and then transplant them outside. The room will be large enough 15ft x 20ft I plan to plant about 5 plants. anyways heres my list!

-Bright/daylight (VEG?) what watt?
-Soft white (flowering?) what watt?
-extension cords,splitters,etc
-oscillating fans
-Flat white paint
-Pots size? I plan to start in a beer cup

I don't know what nutes to buy from wal-mart or home depot.. I might order some online I am not sure yet I need to see what you guys think about anything local. I don't plan to have the bombest shit.. just looking to do this as a project! I can also get things like earth worm guanno/ashes from wood.

anything you guys coudl add would be great!!


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I went home depot / menards

should I buy "seed starter" soil from MG? I couldn't find any organic but that looked like the best stuff... and I know I am suppose to stay away from MG

looked at the basic nutes they had

which one of these should i buy?

also bone meal and blood meal were cheap should I pick up both of those?


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shit i forgot they menards also had a cfl that was "cool light 200" otherwise all I found was 150 cfl's the 42w ones...

but i think i'm going to have my setup look like bosses only use bigger cfls w/ the hoods they have for like 10 bucks


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ok I will have to check the other wal-mart out sometime. If I ordered nutes online what should I get? I want to keep this grow basic but if I can't find good enough nutes then I will buy them online... my friend has an ebay account anything I should look into buying? I really want to get the whole grow room ready before I just get seedlings and start guessing on everything lol


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Ebay item-link will go dead

theres the grow big big bloom and tiger bloom... how much is liquid kelp I saw some things to make the ph go up and go down at home depot...

also ph tester I could not find one of those...
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