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Suspects get away after robbing medical marijuana dispensary


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SEATTLE -- Police are looking for two suspects who robbed a medical marijuana dispensary in the Rainier Valley neighborhood Monday.
According to Seattle Police, two men entered the business on the 3200 block of Rainier Avenue South around 7:30 p.m., and pointed a gun at the clerk. They stole cash, marijuana and some of the clerk's personal property. Both men fled the store on foot and ran in different directions on Rainier Avenue South.
Officers were quickly called to the store, where they established a K-9 track, but the suspects could not be located.
The suspects are described as black men, between 18-20 years old. One was about 6-feet tall, 160 pounds, with dreadlocks, wearing a black shirt, red backpack and purple bandanna. The other was described as 5-foot 8-inches, 150 pounds, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, red shorts, and red and white tennis shoes.
Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Seattle Police.


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Any business that deals in large amounts of cash have this problem.
I recommend anyone dealing in large amounts of cash to carry a firearm and be experienced in both the laws and the ability to use it.


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unbelievable these dispensary's are suppose to operate on a non profit basis and hire a security team to defend themselves against thieves. Cops probably r watching them and are waiting for them to sell it so they can charge them for the drug collar VS the armed robbery. Wonder how long they waited before leaving the donut shop to take the call, probably was highest call on their priority list :(


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It would sure be nice if our political leadership had some vague idea of what it's like here in real life. Any business dealing in not only lots of cash, but *high grade Cannabis* in significant amounts is an automatic target. Way better than any liquor store!

If Cannabis shops have to be non-profit, fine, but provisions must be made for security, and security costs good money. Good security costs more money. This means selling product at <gasp> higher prices than break-even cost. Can't be avoided.

It's easy to say 'carry a gun and know how to use it', but when we start talking Cannabis in any form, firearms get really legally dicey. The Feds, especially, are death on firearms and 'drugs'. Shops need more and better security than armed bud tenders..much as I do like the idea :)

Ultimately, we all need to pressure our political leadership to end the foolishness of Cannabis prohibition. Anything else is just a band-aid.


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We need to LEGALIZE and then TAX it, allow businesses sell for a profit, taking the money away from the illegal drug gangs and giving it to locally owned businesses, paying taxes (over $250 Million a year to Olympia to help the state budget) and then have the dispensaries operate like banks behind bulletproof glass, with panic buttons like banks have to summon the cops. I see it happening we just have to get rid of the small minded nazis running our govt. (hello Christine) and allow the People to have their way. 90% favor Decriminalization.
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