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SWAT Team Makes Walla Walla Medical Marijuana Bust

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WALLA WALLA -- A SWAT team arrested a Walla Walla man with a medical marijuana permit Wednesday night for having too much pot in his home.

Police spokesman Tim Bennett says 58-year-old Terry Knapp has a permit that allows him no more than a pound-and-a- half of harvested marijuana.

KONA reports officers found six pounds of marijuana plus 15 small marijuana plants. They also seized $1,500 in cash.

Bennett says an informant made several large purchases of marijuana over the past couple of weeks.

Knapp is jailed for investigation of delivery of a controlled substance and delivery of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school zone.

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Idiot!!!!! It's tools like this guy that ruin it for the rest of us! The laws may not be perfect, but breaking them when it comes to mmj makes the haters feel like they are right about mmj being no cure at all and just an excuse for idiots like this guy to deal weed easier! I hope anyone ever busted for shit while they are supposed to be a mmj patient should lose their rights forever! Maybe that will deter idiots from dealing weed when they are supposed to be using it for them selves, like we are who are truly sick! This one makes my blood boil, every time i hear of a card-holder being busted, it just makes it so bad for us!!!!! We will never get it decriminalized like this! Aaarrrgrgghhhh!


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He may of not none about the school zone law. If he hadn't had 6 pounds and hadn't been so stupid selling to an informant he would have probably of been fine.


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six pounds is just a bit over the allowed.... shame on him... he was in it for the money not the medicine.....IMO
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