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Hi Everyone,

I have a new grow going in a new tent so I thought I should make a diary to share with the international community, please feel free to add comments and criticisms, I am here to learn from everyone after all.

Strains are Green Poison and Cream Mandarine FV
Green Poison is a 70/30 indica dominant skunk Cream Mandarine Fast Version is a 60/40 indica dom hybrid, a mixture of the cream mandarine auto and a nycd genetic.
7 Green Poison and 3 Cream Mandarine FV
The space is a 1.2 x 2.2 x 2m tent
Medium is 100% Coco fed with drippers in a drain to waste set up.
Lights - 2 x 315w LEC
Nutrients - Lucas Formula for coco H3AD's Recipe
Pot Size - 200mm pots
Currently feeding 3/4 strength lucas forumula 4 times a day EC 1.0
PH 5.8

The story so far,

each seed was soaked in ph 5.8 water for a couple of hours then sown directly into propagation tubes filled with coco.
here they are after the first transplant into 6 inch pots. Initial growth was slow, I wasn't feeding them enough it turned out

here they are a few days later, the cream mandarines are on the top left saucer, one looks a little unhappy

Ok here I have transplanted to the 200mm pots and topped all the plants. I have also installed this crazy drainage collection network of pots perched on buckets. It was as annoying to collect run off as it looked and was a disaster waiting to happen I feel.

Here sense prevails and I have installed some proper drainage tables mounted on some aluminium tubing frames. So, so much better!!!

Starting to veg along here

I flipped to 12/12 here, a few days after the last photo, flip was 26th of feb

5 days later March 3rd

Today I prunned up the lower parts of the plants, those branches that were never going to get into the light anyway.

We are ending day 6 of 12/12 lighting here now Australia time. I will be changing the nutrient reservoir tomorrow and raising the EC to 1.2

Cheers :smokin2:


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Good morning everyone,

just gave the girls the first feed of the day and everything looks fine. I think the resi will last today and need a re fill tomorrow now after all. I will take another picture tomorrow also.

Anyone wondering what I have been up to since my last diary here please have a look at this you tube channel that I created here Ice Cool Grow

have a great day and see you tomorrow with another pic,



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It is hard to keep up with gazza and his many personalities it's true hahaha

I like it here because I can post daily if I like and I wont be spamming the boards because there is so much content. That being said its the downfall of here also as it's easy to get burried under all the content :)

So I will do more updates more often here and keep the OSA diaries going along with weekly updates.

your garden looks good this year billy, most motivated goat I have seen in the three or so years I have been around :D

OH yeah, almost forgot, welcome aboard Rich Farmer, good to have a cali grower here, cheers
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There sure is a lot of people out there growing cannabis and sharing it online, I bet it hardly scratches the surface on the actual amount of growers though.

So it's evening time here, I have finished training and the plants are all asleep after day 8 of 12/12 lighting. Resi got changed out this morning, we are up to full strength Lucas nutes now EC 1.2 PH 5.8, feeding 4 times a day to slight run off with plans to up to 5 times by this time next week.

The girls are getting tall, some really tall so I am going to do a bit of a "super crop" style stem pinch on a few of them tomorrow arvo after work. 8 days in to 12/12 shouldn't be to far along for a bit of bending ey? Wednesday there is no training for me so I can do some training on the plants :D

here they are as of today

right side

Left side

Have a great rest of your evening or morning or whatever it is where you are and happy gardening to you :)


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Hi everyone,

Day 11 of 12/12 lighting here and stretch is the word of the moment. I had a go at supercropping, bent several tops right over I did and guess what, these girls gave zero shits about it and stood right back up straight the very next day with the only inclination that any attempt was made being a slight kink and a bruise on the affected stems.

today's pics

right side

left side

see I did super crop them, I really did. They went straight back upright as you can see haha


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Evening all,

hope everything goes well for you.

I am at a stage of the grow where I have ended up with a pretty crazy canopy again. I am a little annoyed at myself because last grow I was expecting stretch with a sativa dom plant so I topped twice in veg, let it recover a few days then flowered it and made it with some space to spare. This time I was expecting stretch because I have grown green poison before but I only topped once and then I let them recover for two long, didn't do any lst back when it was more feasable and they are now right up high in the lights. dumb mistake but oh will at least I know what I did, the trick will be to not repeat it next time. here's hoping hey

Ok so I made a quick video of the tent to give you all an idea what is going. What do people recommend that I do to get the most out of these plants. We are at day 12 of 12/12 lighting and some little budding clusters are just starting to form. There are also many lower little strecthy looking branchlets that I am thinking need to go but I am not sure really. I don't want to end up with a room full of strecthy, fluffy larf bud.

View media item 1504656
My plan was to go in there in and clear away all the lower spindly looking stuff and at the same time put a net across the top to firstly secure the main colas come later flower and to hopefully spread them out and down a little. What does everyone think about that for a plan? are my instincts that the low stuff has to go correct? any advice is much appreciated,

cheers :D


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Hey everyone, or maybe its just me here after all haha

anyway had one stem strecth up into the light this morning looks all burned and crispy, I bent that stem over, giving it a good snap and hopefully that contains it for a bit. heading out in a hour or so to get some netting to put in there, I'll get a picture once it's in I guess. feeling like a real noob right now with this grow lol


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Hello again folks,

sorry for abandoning the diary here,

I had problems with the cream mandarin throwing nana's and pollinating everything and forcing an early harvest. I also didn't control the strectch enough, a perpetual problem for me and everything ended up all in the lights and far less than ideal. I have been busy in my personal life also, training heaps and helping my old mum battle breast cancer. The latter has inspired me to get active again in the 420 community and I have attended every 420 gathering and protest I can this year so far. I also want to contribute here with a grow diary again so stay tuned for that.

I will round this one up with some green poison bud shots and the harvested jars.

I will be back shortly with a fresh diary,

Cheers everyone

Amadeus Forzin

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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